4 Kinky Ideas For Valentine’s Day!

In this hectic, modern world, wherein our lives are so busy, it is very easy to forget to take some time out for yourself – and your partner. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner – internationally celebrated on February the fourteenth – there is no better time to start making plans regarding taking a step back from the everyday stresses of work and family, and spending that special day with your lover.

Many couples will merely celebrate with a dinner, perhaps exchange gifts such as chocolates and flowers, then go home shattered… and make lacklustre, perfunctory advances at each other.


It’s very easy to lose the magic and desire which you once shared – and before your over- priced bouquet of roses have withered, you will have spent another Valentine’s Day going through the motions; enacting the regular, cursory customs that have become associated with this day.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be spent in this traditional fashion, however; there are some very simple methods which will guarantee that you and your partner will celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way you will both remember – and all it takes is a little communication, commitment and honesty. Valentine’s Day, 2016 can be the day to celebrate your kinky side; we all have a wild side, and it’s time to unleash it – and revive and invigorate your Valentine’s Day… and your sex life!

1. Foreplay

Quality foreplay can be easily overlooked, so spending some time perfecting this vital aspect of sexual activity is the ideal, sexy way to surprise your partner come Valentine’s Day. Foreplay exhibits commitment, as you put the desires, wants and needs of your partner before your own. It can also be very erotic and kinky too, as it embraces a sense of anticipation – which will drive your partner wild. Kiss, caress, tease, lick, bite and stroke all night long, incorporating the use of massage oils and sex toys, which complement and enhance the joys of foreplay; a G-spot Stimulator, for example, is a great addition to any bedroom foreplay:

The Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-Spot Glove


What you get:

The Vibrating G-Spot Glove is designed to give extra pleasure when inserted into the vagina and used with a ”come – hither” motion. The glove grants your fingers a texture that curves and rubs against the g-spot, enhancing the sensations achieved. There is a wrist strap attached, ensuring that the device remains secure and won’t slip off. This nifty little number can also be combined with a vibrating bullet, held in the palm of your hand, which can provide clitoral stimulation as well, enabling it to hit all the right spots.

Key Features:

  • Six inches in total length
  • One point eight-five inches in width
  • Material: TPE, ABS
  • One size fits all
  • Batteries included
  • Waterproof? No

Does Power matter?

This Vibrating G- Spot Glove gives as much power as a standard bullet vibrator which most will find sufficient for clitoral stimulation.

Battery- Operated:

Uses three tab batteries, which are included.

Newcomer Friendly?

This G-Spot vibrating glove is non-intimidating, and possesses an optional palm-held bullet vibration.


Comfortable fit with varying textures, for added stimulation and vibrational intensity.

“She’s never cum so many times in one month… let alone in one night! I want to keep things fresh and exciting,”
“I didn’t know for sure if she would like it or not, but the design looked like it could only improve my tactics. That’s an understatement.”

“This uniquely shaped vibrating G-spot stimulator will take fingering your partner to a whole new level.”

Where to Buy?

The Finger Glove is available to buy from Amazon UK.

2. Restraining Your Partner

Whether you are doing the tying, or submitting to your partner’s wishes, being tied up is an activity which everyone should try, at least once in their life. You can as be creative or as kinky as you like regarding this incredibly sexy method of either losing – or gaining – control. Just as long as you make sure your partner is comfortable, and that you trust them, there is no excuse for not investigating this act come Valentine’s Day. Relax, and let your desires run away with you…

Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Soft Bondage Kit

tracey cox beginners soft bondage kit
What you get:

Luxurious black velvet ties, for wrists and ankles, and a blindfold with a Velcro fastening, which is sturdy and reliable. This kit is the ideal beginner’s guide to bedroom bondage, providing you with the vital restraints in a super-soft material, which caresses the skin, making for a truly sensual bondage experience. Sheathed in classy, and discreet, packaging.

Key Features:

  • Velvet material
  • Long-tie wrist restraint
  • Long-tie ankle restraint
  • Wide blindfold

”This is an amazing first bondage kit.   The product itself is amazing quality. Love the velcro fastening. No need to learn different knots. Also had lovely padding to stop from digging in.   We got this to spice things up bit as things seemed to be turning into a routine. This did the job perfectly.
We were able to explore this new-to-us sex act, teasing and turning each other on no end. Really did turn sex amazing. So all I can say is thank you soooooo much.’
-says Glittergirl


‘My girlfriend and I got this as our first ever piece of bondage kit to try with and play for the first time.  As it was the first time either of us had ventured into this area, we wanted to start of easy and so thought this would be perfect. And it was!  The 4 straps all come with a loose end to tie down and the other end is the cuff.

The cuff is well made with a soft padding on it so can be done up tight but with no pain. As they are 4 separate straps, they are very versatile and you aren’t limited to just the bed with them!

A great product that has been used multiple times as really easy to use and can be mixed up a ton!”
-says AnotherGuy


“Being tied down is very sexy. Naughty and mysterious, not being able to move whilst someone pushes your sexual limits to the max, teasing and pleasing your whole body.

This product is fantastic for beginners to restraining, but I know the experienced wouldn’t say no to these glamorous ankle and wrist restraints. They feel amazing against the skin with their suede material, and Tracey Cox even chucked in a suede blind fold to make the experience that little bit more exciting.

The quality is fantastic as usual, and all you need to do is tie them around something, i.e. bed frame, so you can use them anywhere and everywhere you want!”

-says MrandMrsHappy (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to Buy?

The Tracey Cox Soft Bondage Set is available from LoveHoney UK.


3. Erotic Massage

Why not turn your bedroom into a fantasy play room? Set the scene for your lover, then add ambiance; candles and room scents are a quick and affordable way to revamp your bedroom into a sensual sensory play-room for the evening. Send the kids to their grandparents, turn off your ‘phones and all other technology, lead your partner to the bedroom, and undress them slowly, before giving them a relaxing and sensuous erotic massage; for this, why not add a bit more kink to the mixture, and use a massage candle? A specially designed candle, which mixes oil and wax at a temperature which will remain the right side of hot, yet won’t burn, which melts once lit and can then be poured onto your partners body – before your hands take over.

Ann Summers Massage Candle

ann sumers massage candle

What you get:

A beautifully scented, body-safe candle in a ceramic holder with a specially designed spout for easy oil / wax pouring, presented in attractive packaging. The candle contains various massage oils and a delightful passion-fruit aroma.

Key Features:

  • Massage candle
  • Ceramic holder with easy-pour spout

“Its not too hot when poured onto the skin and this can be done while the candle is still lit. It left the skin feeling lovely and sort. 1 tip don’t let it cool on the skin start massaging it in straight away.”
-says Evie30

You can buy this massage candle straight from Ann Summers.


4. Role-Play

frisky police sexy outfit

Why not take on new, saucy identities, and arrange to arrive at a bar separately? Dress for the part, to fully embrace the moment and role. You could even flirt with others a little before making a move towards each other – this could be a great approach towards rekindling the feelings that you first experienced regarding one another.

What You Get:

A sexy take on a classic Police Officer’s uniform, incorporating a figure-hugging dress and a full lacy skirt. PVC hat, Police badges, patches and handcuffs.

Key Features:

  • Policewoman’s uniform
  • Set of handcuffs
  • Name badge

“I bought this for my girlfriend and I was not disappointed in the least.  The dress was nice and clingy and short enough for the fishnet stockings to look super sexy under.
The hat was a bit squashed in the packet but did look good. The handcuffs were only plastic so would have broken easily, but we had some other ones!”

-says Dave 41
“Super sexy outfit and everyone loved it  So happy with outfit gonna get more more more …I felt Super Sexy in it …Fabulous Choice of outfits wow. .”
-says Sargent Frisky

The Frisky Outfit can be bought from Ann Summers.

Top 10 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples


Valentine’s Day no longer needs to be just flowers, chocolates, dinner and wine – let us introduce to you to ten ways with which you can spice up your Valentine’s Day, guaranteeing you a day you won’t forget in a hurry. Incorporate these sexy gifts – that both you and your lover can enjoy – to your day; after all, the day is all about taking a step back from the hustle bustle of everyday life, to remember what it was which brought you together when you first set eyes on one another.

Top 10 Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Couples

Lelo Tara Rotating USB Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

lelo tara couples vibrator

What you get

This is no ordinary vibrator; this Lelo Tara vibrator is designed so it can be worn during sex, stimulating both the clitoris and G-spot.

A powerful clitoral vibrator with six functions and a slim, rotating shaft with varying speeds and patterns, with a built-in push-button control which is easy to use and cycle through. Designed for both him and her, this toy is both non-intimidating, and stylish. This G-spot and clitoral vibrator enhances activity for both partners and can supply hours of intensifying orgasms.

Key Features:

  • Firm vibrator
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof – submersible
  • Body-safe
  • Length: three inches
  • Push-button control
  • Rechargeable via USB Two hours charging provides the same amount of playtime.
  • Waterproof? -Submersible

“Feels sleek and smooth to the touch and doesn’t look tacky like some other vibrators.

The battery life is very long. I have only charged it once and have used it about 10 times!

The quietness of the toy was important to me as I live in a flatshare. This hasn’t been an issue whatsoever as it is barely audible when inserted.

I found that using the Lelo solo is amazing and I can usually climax within 5minutes. It is easily insertable and I don’t normally even need to use lube, though if we are planning to both use it together lube is needed.

The vibrating circular top is perfectly positioned for me and the small rotating arm seems to be at the optimum point for inside stimulation around my G-spot.”
-says Edaisy789 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

You can buy the Lelo Tara from Lelo and LoveHoney.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.

2. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5Vibrating Cock-Ring

bionic bullet cock ring

What you get

This vibrating cock-ring lets you and your partner share the pleasure; simply slide the ring over your lover’s penis, then turn on the vibrations that stimulate the clitoris during intercourse.

This cock-ring will keep your lover’s erection stronger for longer, as well as incorporating a clitoral stimulator with two varying speeds and three varying patterns. This bullet vibrator sits neatly and securely in the sleeve. Easy to use, fits snugly but is not over-tight, twin-ring style. This cock-ring is a pleasurable testicle and clitoral stimulator. Named “Number one sex-toy” in Men’s Healthmagazine.

Key Features:

  • Vibrating silicone cock-ring and testicle ring
  • Stimulating nodules on the sleeve
  • Bullet vibrator
  • Clitoral stimulator
  • Body-safe
  • Stretchable
  • Two powerful speeds and varying patterns.
  • Battery-Operated:One x AAA (batteries not included)
  • Waterproof -No

“This is the first sex toy we have bought. Being new to this and wanting to spice things up, it was the perfect choice.

Despite it looking very aggressive, the rubber was soft.

It was a pleasure to use this product and is now must have for us.”
-says Scoobiebiex

“The rings are stretchy enough to fit a varitey of sizes, although I would recommend a bit of lube to help fitting and removing. (Watch out for trapped hairs). Variable enough to find just the right speed and strength. Fort that extra boost apply some orgasm balm to her first.”
-says Jnarjanr

“I’ve had a few cock rings in the past from Lovehoney but never a double ring, so saw this and thought I’d give it a go. -says Nozzla (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

Available from LoveHoney and LoveHoney USA for USA Customers.

3. The We Vibe 4 Plus

we vibe 4 plus

This couple’s vibrator is controlled via remote control, using an app can be manipulated from anywhere in the world. This vibrator can also be worn during sex for added stimulation. The We Vibe 4 Plus enables you to customise vibrations, creating a unique and personal experience every time.

Key Features:

  • Silicone
  • Body-safe
  • Five vibrational functions
  • Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth connection

“The We-Vibe 4 is a much better toy that the We-Vibe 3, hands down. It’s smaller, fits better, and has a lot more variety of vibrations. It works during slow, gentle, rocking, light thrusting sex – but it doesn’t work for the fast-paced porno-style sex I love. I really think the concept of this toy, in general, is a coin-toss. Your partner may be too big, you may be too small, it may not be the right fit, or you may prefer faster sex that the We-Vibe can’t accommodate. But, if you enjoy slower rocking sex and want something to stimulate you hands-free, this toy is really perfect. If you think this toy is for you, the updated design of the We-Vibe 4 is definitely the way to go.”(http://sluttygirlproblems.com)

“She says:Once we put the We-Vibe 4 in my vagina and found the speed and pattern setting I liked (just straight, regular vibration for me) on the remote, it was pretty cool. It took a minute to get back into the moment after we went through the process of putting it in and getting it started, but it felt really nice. The vibrations were in a great place and once my head was back in the game, I came pretty quickly. It was powerful and awesome. Post orgasm though, things felt a little crowded and I could tell it wasn’t helping him much. So we quickly took it out, turned it off and went back to ‘au natural’ and enjoyed the finish.”

“He says:After her orgasm with the We-Vibe 4, something about her just felt even better than normal—softer, tighter, and warmer…” (http://www.inbedmagazine.com)

Where to buy?

The We-Vibe 4 is available from Bondara, LoveHoney and Ann Summers.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.

4. Feather Tickler Two-Ended Whip By Ann Summers

feather tickler whip

What you get:

Time to tickle, with a light and fluffy black feathered tickler; or otherwise, you can flip it, to allow a sharp and firm slap with the leather paddle end – a real mix of sensations sure to fuel your anticipations and desires.
A soft tickler on one end, and a firm leather paddle on the other.

Key Features:

  • Black and pink feathers
  • Black leather paddle

“This is brilliant, me and my boyfriend love it! Best buy ever!”
-says loulou18

“this little tickler is sooo good it teases and torments every inch an absoloute must have for anyone who lves being teased. tied up for better effect is a must!”
-says littlemisstickle

“Most crops are a little hard core – this pretty may be black but the feather tickler gives it a soft touch that is a delight to the skin. The other end has a large crop flap that gives a loud crack but does not sting too much. A great crop for a those new to spanking. There are 2 thin black ribbon bows on the rod of the crop which give it a very feminine touch. The picture does not do this beauty justice. At the end of the day bad never looked so pretty!”
-says silkycat (http://www.annsummers.com)

Where to buy?

Available from Ann Summers.

5. Tenga Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator

tenga fliphole masturbator

What you get

Gain control, as this item provides pleasure at your fingertips – while you increase and decrease the pressure that surrounds the penis, simulating the feeling of real penetrative sex.

A “real-feel” male masturbator with a stretchy, snug-fitting sleeve, covering the length of the penis. Textured and adjustable to provide a variety of stimulating sensations. Supplied with three choices of lubricant, and is made from easy-clean materials.

With its three button design it is great for newcomers, this Tenga toy provides plenty of scope for experimentation, so you find your perfect stimulant.

Key Features:

  • TENGA Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator made from stretchy, “real-feel” elastomer
  • Stimulating nubs, ribs and nodules
  • Comes with lubricant, and a stand for discreet storage
  • Innovative squeeze function for customisable pressure
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Body-safe
  • Waterproof? – Submersible

“It was extremely easy to use, remove the sliding locking piece and it opens up, pour in some of the lube that is provided and then close it up. Then enjoy.”
-says Liam

“…I used some anal lube, and, hey presto, slowly pushed in, and, a few gentle thrusts later, the whole thing felt completely amazing. Then I just started playing with the buttons and enjoying what felt like the most wonderful blow job.

My new favourite toy!”
-says Biff69 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

You can buy the Tenga Flip Hole from Bondara, LoveHoney and USA Customers can find it at LoveHoney USA.

6. Double-Ended 13 Inch Dildo

double ended dildo

What you get

This thirteen-inch dildo features life-like detail and is incredibly flexible, allowing both you and your lover to experience penetrative pleasure together. An ideal item for those who wish to experiment who are intermediate, to expert double penetrators!

This thirteen-inch double-ended dildo, with its one point five-inch diameter, gives plenty of pleasure. Made from flexible TPE, this latex-free, body-safe toy is an ideal addition to the toy-box.

Key Features:

  • Length: thirteen inches
  • Diameter: one-and-a-half inches
  • TPE
  • Flexible
  • Body-safe

“Great length, very flexible, great realistic feel, with plenty of grooves for that added ooh factor. Plenty of fun for both my husband and I together and for us both solo. Certainly enough to fill you and give you that ultimate orgasm.”
-says Disaucyone

“My husband and I really enjoyed the experience with the double ender”
-says Pink74

“Use this with my partner and he gets off quickly we use it simultaneously anally. Wow wow wow The shape the size is just perfect.”
-says Kazzier (http://www.annsummers.com)

Where to buy?

You can buy this double ended dildo from Ann Summers.

7. Surprise Sex Toy Kit for Couples

surprise sex toy kit

What you get

This sex kit, designed for couples by Lovehoney, provides just about everything you might need to liven up your sex-life and find new thrills with your lover.

Jelly Butt-plug, Cock-ring, Bullet Vibrator textured sleeves, Jelly anal beads, Remote Control Bullet Vibrator, Kegel Balls, Classic Vibrator, G-Spot Jelly Sleeve, Vaginal stimulation / Male Masturbator.

Key Features:

  • Twelve-piece sex-toy kit
  • Mixture of smooth and textured sex toys
  • Battery operated
  • Body-safe

“It smells lush. My bedroom still smelled of strawberries a week after. It reminds me of that night every time I go in there, making it all the more memorable.”
-says Singleandbored

“This stuff is sure to get you in the mood, particularly if you have a sweet tooth!
This massage oil smells as though you should be putting it on ice cream, not your body (not recommended though, it’s not for eating!) – so prepare to smell lovely.

Intimate Organics is environmentally friendly, so you can rest assured you’re having fun without having to feel guilty. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave any residue. Simply bask in the pampering and enjoy smelling like a dessert!”
-saysCreativewriter1985 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

You can buy the Surprise Sex Toy Kit from LoveHoney.

8. Sqweel Go Oral Stimulator

sqweel 2 oral sex simulator

What you get

This oral stimulator will lick you into a state of pleasure; possessing ten silicone tongues and six speeds with varying patterns.

This pocket-sized clitoral vibrator simulates oral sex, it can be used on the clitoris, nipples, anus and perineum… wherever you wished to be licked. This clitoral, battery-powered oral stimulator has enough energy to guarantee that you get enough playtime for a whole array of available pleasures, whether used for cunnilingus simulation, or rimming.

Key Features:

  • Pocket sized Oral Stimulator
  • Ten Silicone Tongues
  • Three speeds
  • Three patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Body Safe
  • Battery Operated? Three x AAA Batteries (not included)

“This oral sex simulator is brilliant. Not quite as good as the real thing, but amazing in its own right. I mean what man has 10 tongues!  The sensation was amazing, had me climaxing in no time. I like the size of this one. It’s bigger in the hands to give you more of a grip. It’s such a pretty design and it was so excited to try something different from a vibrator.”
-says Katies118 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

“All in all, I do enjoy this silly little toy. It’s definitely unique, and while it doesn’t bring me to orgasm, it does have a novel feeling that is unlike anything else. With enough lube, the right speed, and the right placement – it can have a very pleasurable tickling sensation… but it takes a while to find what works, and even then it’s hit or miss. It’s a tapping / flicking sensation that won’t bring me close to orgasm. At best, it feels like tickling – and gives me an excited, giddy feeling” (http://sluttygirlproblems.com)

Where to buy?

You can buy the Sqweel from Lovehoney or LoveHoney USA for USA customers.

9. Bondage Boutique T-Style Cock-Ring with Ball-Divider

tstyle cock ring

What you get: Regardless of whether you’re an old hand when it comes to bondage or not, you may want to try something a little tighter for your partner. If so, the Bondage Boutique provide many styles of cock-rings with ball-dividers to provide your lover with erection enhancement and stimulating sensations. This T–Style cock-ring with an individual ball-divider, is made from fully body-safe faux-leather has an easy-fasten function and adjustable snap-poppers that fit snugly around the penis and balls.

Key Features

  • Cock-ring
  • Faux-leather material
  • T-Style ball-splitter
  • Ball-divider
  • Popper Fastening
  • Body-safe

“I loved this on my partner. We have a few cock rings and normally I think they look silly and some get in the way, but this one looks amazing.

It held my partner so well. He looks great in it and I loved touching him while he wore it. He says even on the loose fitting it felt quite tight, but he could get used to it and also he found it a bit fiddly to put on.
I will give him a helping hand next time.”
-says Mummymermaid (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

Available to buy from LoveHoney.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


10. Tease Erotic Dice

tease dice game

What you get

Kick-start your Valentine’s Day with this erotic game; it’s fun and super-sexy! A three-dice erotic game wherein you select parts of the body and uncover intimate instructions; a great addition to foreplay.

Key Features:

  • Red Erotic dice
  • Pink Romantic dice
  • White Instruction dice
  • Discreet, with retro packaging

“These cute little dice are great for when you’re in a silly mood or if you’re a bit shy and want some guidance getting going. Also fun if you feel like your foreplay is stuck in a rut.

The white dice tells you what to do (kiss, stroke, etc.) and the pink or red tell you where to do it. The red are the more risqué areas (nipple,inner thigh, etc.) and the pink are the tamer spots (earlobe, wrist, etc.).
The build quality is good and they have a nice weight in your hand. A cute and fun sexy item that would be a nice stocking filler.”
-says HorneyGeekGirl (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34294)

Where to buy?

The Tease Erotic Dice are available from Bondara.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


If you are looking for a treat this Valentine’s for the both of you, we hope this little list will inspire you.

The Best Valentine’s Day Lingerie!


Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect item of lingerie for yourself, to entice and seduce your partner, or whether you’re a guy, looking to buy for your lover – allow us to give you some useful ideas, as we showcase some of the sexiest, prettiest and classiest lingerie, available; attractive attire that won’t fail to set hearts beating and blood pumping when thefourteenth of February rolls around – from the very top end of designer lingerie, to their more affordable counterparts, we take a look at what is currently on the market:

Ann Summers Valentine’s Lingerie

Ann Summers have released some new naughty and classy lingerie to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you require a bare-all bonanza, or prefer to leave some things left to the imagination, then Ann Summers will have it (figuratively!) covered.

The Marie Corset

the marie corset ann summers

The Marie Corsett is a fine example of a vintage-styled corset in black satin and lace, with an elegant skirted design. The corset is slightly boned to accentuate your curves, as are the padded cups, which not only enhance, but also ensure a comfortable fit. This intriguing item has a hook-and-eye back fastening and a detachable halter neck strap. It can be teamed with a black lace suspender belt and stockings for a truly seductive look.

“My boyf bought me this today and its stunning! Brings you in most where you need it to show those curves off! Amazing value for money!!”
-says Luc74

“I am really happy with how beautiful this looks and it makes me look 2 sizes smaller which is always a bonus ;)!”
-says NeedHelp

“The catalogue does not show how stunning this item really is! The stitching & lace is sewn so beautifully making this garment not just stunning but truely mind blowing…Im would not be surprised if some people buy more than one of these, one for the bedroom and one to go out in… stunning!”
-says RSDHelen77 (http://www.annsummers.com)

The Victoria’s Secret Kiss Me range

The Victoria’s Secret Kiss Me range has been released this week for Valentine’s Day 2016:

This week in New York, models were out and about, showcasing some of the prettiest and sexiest Valentine’s Day lingerie on the market, as designed by Victoria’s Secret.

The Eyelash and Mesh BabyDoll

eyelash and mesh babydoll victori'a secret
The Eyelash and Mesh Babydoll is gorgeously flirty, with its angel-pink chiffon and lacy black embroidery. Pairing a push-up bra and flyaway back with a sheer skirt, it’s both sexy and cute! With fully adjustable straps ensuring a comfortable fit, this babydoll will suit most body shapes. A pair of matching thong panties are available to complete the look. This design is available in Love Red, and Black. As pretty as it is, it must be noted that some reviews have reported that these garments tend to be on the smaller side, so perhaps going up a dress and cup size may be advisable?

“the person who reviewed it before me is 100% correct, the band runs a little small. I’m normally a 32A, but even with the 34B size that I purchased, I still have to wear it on the last strap in the back. however, its very flattering and i adore it. i got it in pink and i’m in love”

“I bought this in my standard bra size 34C. When I got home and tried it on, I could not get it on. The band was far too small and I could not get it close enough to try and clasp it. I exchanged it for 36C after trying several on in the store. I highly recommend trying on for size before making a purchase.”
-Anon (https://www.victoriassecret.com)

Agent Provocateur

The Charlotte Olympia Range

agent provocateur charlotte lingerie

Agent Provocateur, with its high end range of lingerie, has something for every occasion. The new Charlotte Olympia range is lacy and beautiful, with tiered web effects and offering a sheer glimpse of what’s underneath. Boasting both delicate details which emphasise curves, and teasing layers that are naughty and seductive, this range is truly top-end, and the pinnacle of glamour; this team of design distinction really does create something quite special:

“As far as collaborations go the pairing of shoe designer Charlotte Olympia and lingerie label Agent Provocateur is a match made in fashion heaven.

Both labels are known for their distinctly retro take on contemporary styles and it’s no surprise that this new collection is more of the same.

Inspired by the glory days of Hollywood glamour, the capsule collection is made up of three lingerie sets, and of course three shoe styles.” (http://www.independent.co.uk)

After the line’s launch in mid-January, Vogue reported about:

“[…] Agent Provocateur’s signature designs and Charlotte’s iconic prints and details, creating a sexy yet playful lingerie collection.” (http://www.vogue.co.uk)

LoveHoney Valentine’s Lingerie

Lovehoney offer lingerie to suit all tastes and all budgets, starting from only five pounds, that are ideal for putting together the perfect Valentine’s lingerie ensemble.

Love Me Crotchless Boy Shorts

rene rofe crotchless suspenders

The Love Me Crotchless Boy Shorts, with suspenders, are super-cute and sexy. Not only do they flatter most dress sizes, they are comfortable to wear, without sacrificing the sex appeal!

“I ordered this as I wanted something a little naughty, and when I put it on I definitely felt naughty.
It’s soft against the skin, very comfortable.

I cannot fault it at all. I love this and it goes nicely under the black lace see-through dress I bought to go with it.

I love it and so does my partner. I will recommend this to everyone.”
-says Abbie071

“These cheeky little frenchies are perfect to get your OH In the mood!… I was so excited to try them on and show them to the OH. Not only did he love them (especially because they’re crotchless!), I also felt extremely sexy! I bought these with the Lovehoney Love Me lace bra, which I have to say is the perfect sexy set! The belt is gorgeous and soft.Absolute gorgeous buy!”
-says Elegant Touch (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)


Fuller Figures

In addition, both Ann Summers and Lovehoney also offer a range of lingerie that suit a fuller figure and make the absolute most of voluptuous curves.

The Harriet Babydoll

hariet babydoll ann summers

The beautiful Harriet Babydoll, by Ann Summers, available up to a size eighteen, with its black lace and chiffon and aqua detail, will not fail to seduce. The padded plunge bra cup boosts cleavage, while the sheer lace front panel adds the perfect amount of tease for Valentine’s Day, and can be complimented with matching briefs.

“Fantastic quality underwear that looks great on, fantastic service and speedy delivery were also I big bonus. First purchase from the website and will definitely use again”
-says Paul 24 (http://www.annsummers.com)

Open Bust Body Stocking

open bust fishnet stocking

Lovehoney’s Open Bust Body Stocking: Fishnets flatter a fuller figure – whilst placing emphasis on fuller breasts – for maximum impact! This crotch-less body stocking will be sure to maintain your partner’s attention, while you seduce with full-on erotic sex appeal!

Plus Size Fishnet Body Stocking

fish net plus size body stocking

“Being a larger lady (size 18), I have often stayed well away from any form of sexy underwear.

Thank you, Lovehoney! I ordered this as a treat for my OH. He had a long week at work and thought I would surprise him by wearing this when he got home. I was a little bit unsure if this would a) fit and b) make me look ridiculous. But boy does this look brilliant.

When I first took this out the packaging (simple packaging nothing tacky, thanks) and had a look at it before putting it on. I honestly thought there is no way this is going to fit, but it sure did. I have quite large thighs and hips and often find it a problem finding suitable/large enough underwear to even go up my thighs, but this went straight on, and pulled it up and over my head. I love the fact it is crotchless for easy access, and I know OH loves anything crotchless too, but having open bust too was an added bonus. I looked damn great… and OH thought the same.

An absolutely wonderful fit, great quality too, and certainly will not be the last piece of underwear I purchase from Lovehoney.

Ladies, if you are thinking of getting this, just get it! Your OH will love the sight of you in it, and not once did I feel silly or uncomfortable.”
-says Sugarboobies2272-says Nikki41 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)


There are fantastic lingerie ranges out there waiting for you to pick something special for Valentine’s Day.

Top 10 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to put some thought into your Valentine gift; so let’s take a look at the top ten Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

Top 10 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

1. Magic Motion Flamingo App-Controlled Kegel Exerciser

magic motion kegel exerciser
What You Get:

This gift is a fitting way for your lover to achieve stronger orgasms. Controlled by a specialist app, this kegel exerciser helps you to go further, by allowing you to tailor specifically to your lover’s needs.
She will achieve better orgasms, as her muscles become stronger with the use of this toy. This kegel exerciser has four set patterns, and three constant speeds that allow you to customise your exerciser for the best kegel workout. You can programme the app to work with your favourite songs too, which is a nice touch. With its unique design, this toy fits comfortably within the body to vibrate using just about anything you tell the app to do, whether it’s ambient sounds, or your lover’s voice. This toy is ideal for newcomer and experts alike.

If you want a high-end gift which not only delivers regarding long-term satisfaction, but is in a class of its own, then the Kegel Exerciser could be just the gift you’re looking for!

Key Features:

  • Flamingo shaped, vibrating kegel exerciser
  • Multi-function programmable patterns
  • Available with Android and Apple
  • Rechargeable
  • Body-safe
  • Firm
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof- Not really; can take a splashing.
  • Mains-powered recharge.

“I really like this toy. You can tell right off the bat that it is a high quality and expensive toy. It is amazing for beginners and from what my partner tells me, really does work! I would recommend this 100%. I know the price may seem a little steep but your are paying for the quality. It is a fun workout like no other!”
-says Little Horror (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Magic Motion Kegel Exerciser is available from LoveHoney and Simplypleasure.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


2. Fetish Fantasy’s Vibrating Pussy Pump

fetish fantasy perfect touch pussy pump
What You Get

A pussy-pump which increases sensitivity and creates stronger orgasms.
This ergonomically-shaped suction chamber will cover the labia and create a gentle vacuum which improves blood flow and sensitivity. This pussy-pump also includes a vibrating bullet, which stimulates the clitoris. Comes with a quick release valve, so pressure can easily be decreased if needed. All pumps can be fiddly at first, but this product allows expert suction, and with the correct fitting it soon becomes second nature, and so is a good choice if this is going to be your loved one’s first pussy-pump.

The Fetish Fantasy Vibrating pump provides stimulation and extra-sensitivity to the outer and inner labia, including the clitoris, that most will find both sensually pleasurable and visually pleasing.

Key Features:

  • Vibrating pussy-pump
  • Bullet clitoral stimulator
  • Six-inch air-hose
  • Easy-squeeze hand-pump
  • Quick Release

“This is a simple device that produces fantastic results. This is a larger one designed for the labia, not just the clitoris. The hand-pump action of the bulb raises blood flow to the female genitals to increase sensitivity and get your nerves tingling.  Use it for fun solo “fun time” or to spice up your sex life. This toy is so easy to use and even easier to clean. Just use a mild soap and warm water to rinse the pump thoroughly.” (http://thestallionstyle.com)

“The fit itself was very good. Moulds to your shape. I have to say I wasn’t expecting much as I have had others in the past that I just couldn’t get to work. This one on the other hand was able to be used in several positions. It has a good suction so allows optimum pumping action.”
-says Sexy J (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Fetish Fantasy Pussy Pump is available from LoveHoney.  USA Customers can buy from from LoveHoney USA.


3. Je Joue Rechargeable Controlled G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

je joue dua couples vibrator

What You Get

With seven vibrational patterns that can be operated from up to fifteen meters away, Je Joue bring you an attractive, stylish and classy g-spot and clitoral vibrator.

Specially designed to fit the female form, the Je Joue G-spot and clitoral stimulator has twelve vibrational modes, with a discreet remote control; long distance play is no problem as this Je Joue rechargeable toy is controlled by an iOS compatible app. As long as you are both a little tech-savvy, then this toy is suitable for newcomers and experts alike, and is certain to be a most welcome Valentine’s gift.

Key Features:

  • G-spot and clitoral vibrator
  • Seven patterns
  • Five speeds
  • Flexible
  • Two vibrating points
  • Remotely-operated
  • Body-safe
  • Waterproof? Yes!
  • iOS compatible only.

“Overall, I would recommend the Je Joue Dua to couples who want a versatile vibrator to experiment with.”(http://thegrittywoman.com)

“What I really love about the Je Joue Dua, is just how versatile it is. Not only can you position it in numerous different ways, you also have a fantastic range of vibration sensations to choose from. You have one gentle, teasing vibrator and one deep, rumbling vibrator. Plus, 7 settings and 5 speeds to choose from. Although I find it difficult to climax using the Dua in the way I think Je Joue intended, I love it for the variety of stimulation options it offers me, whether it be hands free fun, public play, g-spot play and using it like a bullet; I have so much choice. Of course, the Dua isn’t perfect. If I was asked how to improve it, I would personally like a shorter clitoral arm, with a deeper, more rumbling motor. Other than that, I really loved this vibrator.”
-says Fluffbags (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Je Joue DUA can be bought from LoveHoney.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


4. Exotic Diamond Ten-Function Realistic Dildo Vibrator

exotic diamon realistic dildo

What You Get

A nine-inch, “real feel” (not colour) dildo vibrator with ten vibrational functions.

This stimulating and satisfying nine-inch dildo vibrator with realistic contours will reach the spot every time. This firm vibrator is powerful, yet quiet. and comes with three speeds and seven patterns. This realistic dildo is better suited to those who have had experiences with the smaller varieties of toy, or for those who prefer their play all-or-nothing!

Key Features:

  • Nine-inch jelly vibrator
  • Seven patterns
  • Three speeds
  • Realistic features
  • Waterproof? Yes

“After great deliberation, my partner and I decided that this was definitely the toy for us! When I opened the box and saw the huge purple monster in all its glory, I was very much just like wow!
Once my boyfriend got home from work, we then began to have a play and I couldn’t believe how amazingly real it felt and how quickly it got me moaning and sent to me to orgasm! I found I could also do it just as easily as him, massively pleasuring me all the same! And of course then freeing his hands up!
Fantastic buy, lovely feeling, amazing service from LH, we will be sure to be returning to see what offers are on!
Thanks, one happy lady! :)” -says Yolo23

“We intend to buy a vibrator with a cock ring attached for some double penetration which we are both really excited about. We also intend to use this putting it in the cock ring for DP which still leaves me able to perform oral sex. My partner’s clit really is pronounced with this toy and she loves my tongue stroking it with this toy deep inside. She has not managed to take all 9 inches (yet) but with 7 to 8 orgasms in one session, she is far from complaining.
I recommend you buy this NOW. Neither you nor her will not be disappointed.”
-says Chris (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Exotic Diamond Realistic Dildo can be bought from LoveHoney or LoveHoney USA for USA Customers.

5. Rocks Off Ammunition Ro-80mm Bullet Ink Vibrator

rocks off exotic ink bullet vibrator

What You Get

This bullet vibrator sure looks the part, boasting a sleek gold shaft and tattoo-inspired design.
Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator with three speeds and four patterns. Designed by tattoo artist Lal Hardy, it’s specifically designed to be both visually and physically pleasing. This pocket-sized vibe has all the power it needs to leave your lover satisfied. Highly newcomer-friendly; every woman needs one of these attractive and pleasing vibrators in their toy drawer.

Key Features

  • Bullet vibrator
  • Unique design
  • Pointed clitoral stimulation tip
  • Three speeds
  • Four patterns
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Battery Powered? Yes, one x N battery (included.)

“In summary, it’s a delicious little vibrator that is perfectly formed for discreet pleasure. It is so quiet you can use it in the bathroom while people are in the next room, and you can use it either alone or slip between your legs during sex with your partner. You can even take it with you to the bath or shower!
A brilliant little sex toy – I can see why it is at the heart of every decent sex toy collection and will continue to be an industry best seller.” (http://carasutra.co.uk)

“I love this little thing so much!
First off, it’s pretty!
Secondly, it works like a charm.
I have to admit that personally I only tend to use the first three initial speed settings, but my boyfriend loves to play around with the different patterns. There is plenty of variety on there to keep anyone satisfied.
I have to add that it is impressively quiet, which surprised me. I can use it without worrying if housemates can hear, which is something you just don’t need to be concerning yourself with.
For me when the toys come out this is a must. It’s simple, easy, but oh my days is it effective.”
-says RedHead1989 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Rocks Off Exotic Ink Bullet is available from Lovehoney.

6.  Dr Joel Kaplan Throbbing Power Play Flickering Tongue

dr joel tongue vibrator

What You get

This oral sex simulator is powerful and intense, and will provide hours of oral pleasure!
The Dr Joel Kaplan Throbbing Power Play Flickering Tongue oral simulator provides you with two varying tongue-flicking speeds, for both internal and external pleasure. Providing a differing sensation than a regular vibrator, this tongue-fluttering toy is serious fun.

If your lover enjoys oral sex, then this sex toy could be the one for her, an item which will brighten up any day, let alone Valentine’s!

Key Features:

  • Oral sex simulator
  • Three-inch tongue shape
  • Body-safe
  • Button-operated
  • Waterproof? No
  • Battery-powered? Yes, three x AA

“After reading all the positive reviews on here, I decided to try this beauty out for myself.
I can safely say it is the best vibrator I have ever bought! And the cheapest!
I’m a huge fan of oral sex and, whilst the vibrator doesn’t feel like an actual tongue as such, it gives you similar, if not better, sensations!
I love it so much I have used it twice today! It’s also made me ejaculate, something that’s never happened to me before.
The only problem is, now, I’m worried that I like it more than my husband. ;)”
-says Tudor Rose23

“I love this vibe… honestly I spent about 3 hours with it this morning.
It is a very powerful vibe with 2 amazing speeds. I love it paired with my dildo or just by itself. I had orgasm after orgasm and I’ve been wet ever since. I also took it in the shower, yes waterproof! I can’t wait to play with it with my partner, I can only imagine how it will benefit both of us!
I will definitely buy this item again and again and again lol! I need to stock up on batteries because this little guy is gonna get some serious usage! Buy it!
Oh and it has a little dip on the front and back side which cups your clit rather nicely so you can hit the G-spot and the clit at the same time!
It’s also rather quiet, no loud rumbling! Love it!”
-says Joyful Jenny (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Dr Joel Tongue can be bought from LoveHoney or LoveHoney USA for USA Customers.

7. The Bodywand Mains-Powered Wand Vibrator

bodywand wand vibrator

What You Get

If power is your partner’s thing, then the Bodywand vibrator range is the one for you!
Producing intense stimulation, which leads you to intense orgasm, this massage vibrator can be used all over the body – to relieve tired muscles, or provide some intense pleasure when used on the erogenous zones. This top-end toy means business, and will provide pleasure time and time again; delight that not only she will enjoy…but you will too.

Key Features:

  • Powerful, mains-powered vibrator
  • Deep-tissue massager
  • Three-metre cable
  • Multi-speed functions
  • Rechargeable
  • UK plug
  • Firm
  • Body-safe
  • Voltage: Two hundred-and-fifty volts
  • Waterproof? No

“The Body Wand will shoot you orgasms like bullets: it’s hard, fast and dangerous to know. I say ‘dangerous’ because after use you’re likely to feel numbed and your clitoris may well be left ringing like a gong on a steel surface – even just the sound of the highest setting is intimidating. Thankfully though, you scroll through the settings with a control dial which means that you can choose – and change – the right level for you extremely easily, even if you’re in the midst of an orgasm.” (http://www.cliterati.co.uk)

“It has so many uses. It’s a great all rounder. For tired aching muscles through to clitoral stimulation. It’s a massager and vibrator in one.
It’s far more powerful than other magic wands due to it being mains powered.
You can buy all sorts of additional attachments for it to turn it into the ultimate sex toy.”(http://sextoysreviewed.co.uk)

“I’d seen wands being used on some porn films before, and although everything is always exaggerated, these were not!
This wand is fantastic, not too loud, but very powerful, and has not failed to please. I use this regularly on my own and my partner also enjoys using it on me. He also likes it on his balls.
It’s a good price, well made and is definitely magic!”
-says BigBird77 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The BodyWand can be bought from LoveHoney and LoveHoney USA for USA Customers.

8. Lover’s Choice Romantic Rose Petals and Massage Oil Kit

lover's choice rose petal and massage oil kit

What You Get

A beautifully packaged massage kit, which contains everything you may need for some essential down-time with your loved one.

Perfect for an evening of romance and arousal, the kit contains an elegantly-fragranced bubble bath, fabric rose petals, tea lights and massage cream, all presented in a durable zip-up bag.

Key Features:

  • Scented massage cream
  • Scented bubble bath
  • Scented rose petals
  • Two tea lights
  • Sexy-tips guide

“Bought this quite a long time ago and found it again in the drawer recently. It’s very good to add to a few other romantic ideas. A nice meal cooked together and a bottle of wine goes well with this. I’m not convinced the book is “full of ideas” as it is only really a little sheet of paper, but it does have some nice little tips.
I like that you get a bag of fake rose petals as they seem quite expensive on their own. Overall it has all the little things you need on a night in, though it seems quite expensive for something you will probably only get one full use out of. Very nice kit though!”
-says Mysterious Kitten(http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Lover’s Choice Kit is available from LoveHoney and LoveHoney USA for USA Customers.


9. Lovehoney Lovers Strawberry Lickable Massage Candle

strawberry lickable candle

What you Get

Take your time with this luscious, lick-able massage candle…
Relieve tired muscles with this heart shaped lick-able, strawberry-flavoured massage candle; pour warm oil over your partner and massage into their skin with sensual strokes and licks.

Key Features:

  • Strawberry-scented, lick-able massage candle
  • Spoon for oil-pouring
  • One hundred-and-thirteen gram pot for multiple use

“Weren’t sure what to expect when we ordered this. When it came we opened it and it smelled great! We lit the candle and after a few minutes the sweet scent had filled the room, it really does smell great.
Once some of the candle had melted I poured it over my OH back and gave her a massage. She loved it! The wax wasn’t hot but gently warming and felt great.
It was the perfect way to get the night started.
The scent also lingers for some time, could still smell it the next day.”
-says DandP

“I bought this on a impulse as they were so cheap and it’s honestly underpriced for the quality.
I’d happily pay double what I did. This candle smells amazing! (Gives Yankee Candle a run for their money.) And it was so yummy I felt like I was cheating on my diet!
It was pleasantly warm and feels amazing when your partner gives you a well-deserved massage.
And the best part? No mess, and no gross greasy feeling other massage products leave behind.”
-says Kunikored21 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

This lickable candle is only available at LoveHoney and LoveHoney USA for USA Customers.

10. Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm

pin ups orgasm balm mint

What You Get

The Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm is a mind-blowing sensitising balm that intensifies masturbation, fore-play and intercourse which can be used on the clitoris, labia and nipples. This balm comes in a variety of fragrances, which smell amazing.
Easy and non-messy to apply, just place a small amount upon the clitoris, and it will enhance both orgasm and your lover’s touch. Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm comes in a cute, collectible vintage designed tin.

Key Features:

  • Orgasm balm with natural oils
  • Approx. one hundred-and-fifty applications per pot
  • Attractive, retro-styled packaging
  • Not compatible with latex.

“My Orgasm Balm is now sitting on my bed-side table, and I don’t see it going away into my sex toy drawer anytime soon. Since receiving it, I have rarely masturbated without its use, and I can’t see myself beginning to change that. Sex with it is also a whole greater experience, and so it seems this balm will become as integrated into my sexual life as much as products like lube are. I would highly recommend this stimulator to anyone who asks, and I know that when mine runs out, I will be promptly purchasing a new one.” (http://princesspreviews.com)

“It’s a tin of magic.
The tin itself, looks just like a lip balm with great retro picture. The balm is light, not sticky, glides on your finger. And no heavy minty smell either.
Add it onto your desired area (you could try nips, or clitoral area). I tried both. After a few minutes your tingly, cool, sensation should develop.
I was not sure what to expect, but it was amazing! Didn’t work for me on nipple, but fabulous in waking up clitoral area. Sensations lasted approx 20-30 mins in my case. Didn’t find out if it tastes, smells gently minty.”

“OMG! This product is amazing!
You just have to use a little dab (so this product will last a long time).
Such a nice feeling, made mine and my partner’s sex even more intense!
I highly recommend this product it’s great value and works!
Definitely trying the other flavours too!”
-says CharBear96 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

This saucy balm is available from LoveHoney.  USA Customers can get it at LoveHoney USA.


We hope you found this list inspiring for your Valentine’s Gift endeavours.  Of course we have to mention ANY rabbit vibrator is also a great addition to any Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts you have in mind for that lucky lady.

10 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there is no better time to take some extra effort into spicing up your love life; therefore, this is the time to start planning just how you can treat and pleasure the man in your life. With this in mind, here we take a look at ten gift suggestions that will not fail to heat up the bedroom when Valentine’s Day rolls around on the fourteenth of February:

1. Flight By Fleshlight

flight by fleshlight

What You Get:

This item ranks as the highest rated textured masturbator; it’s aerodynamic, and has a textured inner of a “real feel” vagina. Flight By Fleshlight is transparent, with a non-anatomically correct opening, which has an intense suction function – which can be controlled by the end cap. Fleshlight designs are some of the highest rated male sex toys; they’re designed with function in mind, which is a treat for newcomers and old hands alike.
Flight by Fleshlight, whether used with a partner, or for solo play, will certainly heighten your lover’s sensitivity and is capable of providing an veritable overload of pleasure!

Key Features:

  • Flight By Fleshlight male masturbator
  • Real-feel sleeve, which covers the entire penis
  • Twist-cap suction control
  • Easy-grip
  • Easy-clean
  • Sample-sized water-based lube
  • Body-safe
  • Waterproof? Submersible

“A view of the action: Being able to see what’s happening inside makes the experience more intimate and shared. Plus, instead of just blindly providing motion, your partner is able to actually “work” the internal textures and respond to what causes the best reactions from you. And then there’s getting to see the “fireworks” at the end, which is completely obscured and left out of any experience with a regular non-see-through Fleshlight.”(http://www.inbedmagazine.com)

“Using the Flight is much like any other Fleshlight. It’s best to warm it up before use, and if you are planning on using any of the accessories like the shower mountyou will need to purchase the Flight Adapter as the back end of the device is a bit different than regular Fleshlights.”

Where to buy?

Flight by Fleshlight can be bought from Bondara and LoveHoney.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.

2. Tracey Cox Beginners Penis Pump

tracy cox penis pump

What You Get:

A transparent, hand-pump cylinder with a quick release valve, which is said to improve erections up to thirty per cent, making them firmer for longer. It’s compatible with the Tracey Cox app, so you can monitor stamina. This is easy to use and easy to clean; the Tracey Cox Transparent penis pump is ideal for those new to penile pumping. Comes with step-by-step instructions and downloadable app so your lover can easily track their progress. This penis pump will ensure stronger erections and orgasms with minimal fuss, as it is easy to use and assemble.

Key Features:

  • Penis-pump for penile workouts
  • Cylinder and gauge
  • Hand-held Pump
  • Quick-release valve
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Body-safe
  • Waterproof? Submersible

“The pump […] everything I expected and more, the sleeve is very soft and stretchy and I imagine would fit most men, while the pump delivers a decent amount of pressure (i.e., enough to work without doing damage!). As far as the cylinder is concerned, I was expecting something thin and fragile, but it turns out to be surprisingly sturdy, and also very big!

As soon as I started pumping, he quickly started growing. After a few pumps, my penis was doing his best to fill the cylinder, his head turning purple and veins bulging along his length, the short-term improvements seem incredible to me.

The pump does take a bit of getting used to, particularly in making sure you get a good seal at the bottom. I’ve been using this for a week and can’t say that I’ve seen any long-term improvements. It’s difficult to tell as the scale on the pump is hard to read as it depends on what angle you are looking at it from.

Overall, I think the kit is very good value for money. Maybe the pump is not as good or as powerful as other products, but then its not anywhere near the price you’d pay for the other products either. For someone who is looking for something entry-level, I think this kit is ideal. It is a lot better than some of the cheap tat that’s available, but is also reasonably priced.”
-says BigBoy21 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Tracy Cox Penis Pump can be bought from LoveHoney.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.

3. Dr Joel Laplan 6.5 Inch Vibrating Prostate Massager

do joel kaplan prostate massager

What You Get:

This uniquely designed prostate massager, with its slim body for easy insertion, and an angled tip for precision prostate stimulation, which also doubles up as a perineum massager. Ideal for newcomers and couples wishing to expand their anal play.

The Dr Joel Vibrating Prostate Massager is ergonomically designed, reaching all the correct places with just the right amount of precision vibration. This prostate massager is a welcome addition to any guy’s toy-box; whether your lover is new to the thrilling sensations of prostate massage or an expert, this is a must-try for any man, preferably used with a partner, as this toy doesn’t have a flared base to prevent any embarrassing trips to the doctor; otherwise, this toy could easily get lost…

Key Features:

  • Multi-speed vibrating prostate massager
  • Smooth shaft
  • Easy control
  • Battery-operated
  • Insertable length six point-five inches
  • Body-safe
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Battery operated: Yes; two x AA ( Not included)

“This toy has been amazing to introduce my boyfriend into the amazing pleasures of prostate play.
The size of the product isn’t as intimidating as some others we have looked at. It packs an awesome vibrating power to reach those all important places. We look forward to progressing our collection to more advanced pieces, to extend our bum fun together! ;)”
-says FingerlickingGood

“Love this!
Had a friend over and decided to try the prostate massager and it drove him wild.
The egg shape on the end made it easy to slip in and with the slight curve helps to find the prostate easy.  The ability to turn the vibration up or down was fantastic.”
-says Taz890 (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Dr Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager can be bought from LoveHoney. USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.

4. Lelo Tor 2 Waterproof Vibrating Cock Ring

lelo tor 2
What You Get:

The world’s first water-proof vibrating cock-ring! The Tor design is meant to be worn during sex, and has a smooth and sexy design, which will fit all. This cock-ring guarantees stimulation for both him and her, and will prolong erections for better sex. The Tor 2 water-proof vibrating cock-ring was designed with couples in mind; it’s one-size-fits-all, which guarantees a comfortable fit, and so therefore is accommodating for both him and her. The Lelo Tor water-proof vibrating cock-ring is at the top of its game; not only can it be used to enhance sex within the bedroom it can be also be used for water-based fun too! Its attractive design makes this cock-ring a fun, functional and classy Valentine’s gift!

Key Features:

  • Vibrating cock-ring
  • Bullet vibrator
  • Rechargeable
  • Two-button control
  • Six vibrational settings
  • Body-safe
  • Rechargeable – a two hour charge provides one-and-a-half hours of playtime.
  • Waterproof? Yes

“Having not tried prostate massage/anal play before I was both a little nervous and excited at the same time, so the Lelo Billy seemed a great place to start. It didn’t seem too big and scary looking, but seemed strong and powerful at the same time.

First thing I noticed is the quality of the Lelo products, from the classy packaging to the quality and feel of the toy itself – sleek and smooth yet sturdy and well built. It has variable vibration patterns, as well as having many different intensity levels so you can get many different sensations, all controlled from an easy interface.

Insertion was surprisingly easy with a good lube (there is a small sachet of Lelo lube included) and some relaxation on my behalf. From there it was possibly the most incredible sensation I have ever felt. Once Billy hit the P-Spot it was like nothing I’ve known before. The orgasm produced from this was the most powerful and long lasting I have ever had.”
-says Bob41

“We both enjoy using this during our lovemaking . It has added another dimension.”
-says Bear53 (http://www.annsummers.com)

Where to buy?

The Lelo Tor 2 can be bought from Lelo, Bondara and Ann Summers.

5. The Lovehoney Sexier Life-Starter Bundle

lovehoney sexier life starer kit
What You Get:

A selection of sex-toys for him and her; water-based lubricant in a satin draw-string bag at an affordable price! Highly newcomer-friendly; designed especially for adding a little spice to your love life, this selection of toys gives newcomers a variety of pleasure to explore, without being intimidating. If you wish to take a tentative step into the sex-toy world, and do not know where to start, then the Lovehoney Sexier-Life Starter Bundle does just what it says… so make this gift for Valentine’s Day the start of your new, sexier life.

Key Features:

  • Ten-function Dream Bullet vibrator
  • Reversible double-stroker
  • Oh! Vibrating Love-ring (two-pack)
  • Water-based lubricant, Enjoy!
  • Spray-on toy-cleaner
  • Satin tie-string bag
  • Body-safe
  • Three speed settings
  • Battery-operated? Yes; batteries included
  • Waterproof? No

“Me and my partner decided to try something new, and when we came across this pack, it was such a great buy!
We bought it while on offer, but it’s definitely worth the buy when it’s not on offer! Haven’t got a bad word to say about any item, but can definitely say we are going to keep returning to buy more sex toys that are reusable.
Also, the lube in this pack is great. First time using water-based and it’s lovely without the stickiness!”
-says GBW

“I ordered this as a complete newbie to sex toys for me and my husband and we were not disappointed. 

The vibrator was great for single play and also for using with my hubby.

The stroker we found a little tricky since we have never used one before, but once it was on with a bit help from the lube he said it was a great sensation and something very different.

The lube was good ,although we weren’t a fan of the smell, but it’s something we weren’t too bothered about.

The cock rings… Oh my… They gave the best orgasm and he said the vibration was great too.

The cleaning spray does what it says on the tin, and it all comes in a nice looking purple bag.

If you have any doubt like I did about buying this… don’t. It is the best choice I have made and I’m looking to buy more toys now to add to my collection.”
-says FW (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy

You can buy straight from LoveHoney.

6. Dash 10-Function Silicone Vibrating Butt-Plug

dash 10 function vibrating butt plug

What You Get:

This ten-mode, stimulating butt-plug takes power to new levels; it will stimulate both inside and out. With a pointed head for easy insertion, the beaded shaft will stimulate you on the inside, whilst the base features varying patterns and modes for perineum pleasure that arouses further. This butt-plug has ten vibrational speed patterns, so there’s something suitable for almost everyone. The Dash Ten-Function Silicone Vibrating Butt-Plug may be intimidating for some at first glance, but with liberal amounts of water-based lubricant and its ergonomic design, it lends itself to comfortable insertion.

The Dash Ten-Function Silicone Vibrating Butt-Plug will bring a new dimension to anal play that will not fail to arouse – every time.

Key Features:

  • Silicone butt-plug
  • Ten vibrational patterns
  • Easy insertable design
  • Double base features
  • Two-button control
  • Twenty-eight inch cord
  • Body-safe
  • Firm
  • Waterproof? No
  • Battery-operated ? Yes; one x AA (not included)

“I really like this product. It was packaged well, made from good quality materials and the control is nicely designed and sturdy.
I’m new to anal play and wanted to expand my horizons with this toy. It’s very comfortable to insert with a little lube, it doesn’t slip out and sits comfortably inside.
The vibrations are a nice sensation. I don’t have anything to compare it to as this is my first anal vibrator.
I think it would add a nice mix to bedroom activities. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try something new.”

-says Leev

“I’ve asked my OH about this one!
It’s a great toy but not for beginners!
It looks a little daunting if you’re new to the prostate game but amazing if you have a little experience. It’s not too big and it’s nice and smooth. Lovely with a bit of lube.
We used it together and wife put it in while giving me a blow job and it was incredible. Comfortable too. The vibrations feel like heaven and my wife changed the function every time she stepped the BJ up a gear.
Made the orgasm so much more powerful and my wife said she’s never seen me shoot that far ever”.
-says Suck it Sassy (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Dash is available from LoveHoney. USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


7. Bondage Boutique Intermediate Faux-Leather Flogger

bondage boutique flogger

What You Get:

This nine-inch, faux-leather flogger is pocket-sized, and sturdily made; you can provide your lover with an array of sensations, from tickling and stroking, to outright flogging – and the stings which are associated with it! It’s vegan-friendly and compatible with other restraints from the Bondage Boutique. This flogger may not be ideal for a newcomer to S&M; if you have some experience, however, and you and your partner are after a flogger with a real-feel leather look without the upkeep, one that can pack a mighty whack or a sensual tickle, then look no further than the Bondage Boutique’s Faux-Leather Flogger this Valentine’s Day.

Key Features:

  • Faux-leather flogger
  • Nine-inch fronds
  • Six-inch handle
  • Easy-care

“Whip your lover into line with this faux leather flogger from Bondage Boutique. 9 inch fronds flow from a sturdy handle to deliver teasing strokes, bracing whips and a satisfying sting.”(http://sextoysutra.co.uk/shop/bondage/spankers-ticklers/bondage-boutique-intermediate-faux-leather-flogger/)

It’s not too hardcore that it really hurts, which is good. It’s very diverse as to the feel it gives when being spanked.
The material is well made and the look of the item is very naughty. We both love it!”
-says Lynzmx

“This is a perfect piece of equipment for anyone who wants to explore the world of bondage but isn’t too sure whether it’s for them.  The soft leather is great to the touch and the perfect size to hold, and when whipped against the skin it gives a sexual sting that leaves you begging for more.
I love my flogger and it gets things really heated between me and my partner during sex, this is a must-buy!”
-says Mr and Mrs Happy (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

You can buy this flogger from LoveHoney. USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


8. Tie and Tease Sex Game

tie and tease game
What You Get:

Open up to a new world of sensory arousal – by experimenting with this BDSM sex game for adults. You roll the dice and work around the playing board, whilst acting out varying bondage and S&M fantasies, from light spanking, to bondage. Great for anyone who feels a little reticent, but desires taking a step into the world of BDSM with their lover.

This raunchy board game is a ton of sexy fun, certain to liven up your Valentine’s Day proceedings.

Key Features:

  • Tie and Tease board game
  • Spanking
  • Sensory deprivation
  • BDSM
  • Blindfold
  • Ties
  • One hour of play-time

“We bought this game a while back and couldn’t wait to get it out the box. The instructions are good and clear and the game is very enticing.
We have both thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. Although have never managed to complete it in an hour!. Be prepared for some good fun and frolics with this, even on the level 1 cards.
On a personal level, we find it better not to nominate Sub/Dom and to roll the included dice each go.
After a round of level 1 we move to level 2, but as yet have failed to complete the round… 😉
Its an addition to any couples sex life and will soon have you addicted for more!”
-says Stew73

“We had so much fun playing out the different assignments you get on the cards.
There were lots of laughs, and it was a big turn-on to work up to the final assignment card.
There’s a lot of teasing involved during the initial cards, for instance, oral pleasure for 2 minutes. It’s a big tease when you have to stop.”
-says Conjintes (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk)

Where to buy?

The Tie and Tease game is available from Bondara and LoveHoney. USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


9. Clone A Willy Kit

clone a willy kit

What You Get:

The D.I.Y. Clone A Willy Kit contains a molding tube, molding powder, two-part silicone mix, a single speed battery-powered vibrator, thermometer and stirring stick; all you need to do is add water and buy some AA batteries. This Clone A Willy kit doesn’t offer too much in the way of vibratory power; but it does offer the user a choice regarding whether to create a dildo or a vibrator. There is no doubt about it – this kit is certainly messy. So, it can be tricky, but the instructions are straightforward enough, and we all have to start somewhere. The Clone A Willy kit is a certain way to add some fun into one’s love-life, creating a realistic vibrating silicone dildo. It makes an ideal gift for your lover; it can also help overcome inhibitions.

Key Features:

  • Vibrating penis molding kit
  • One single-set vibrator
  • Silicone
  • Body-safe
  • Firm feel
  • Waterproof? No
  • Battery-Operated? Yes, one x AA (Not included)

“The Clone-a-Willy kit is really well-designed, and everything included is fabulous. The directions perfectly put, very helpful, and make a perfect mold when done correctly”.(http://sluttygirlproblems.com)

“What says “never forget me” better than a cast of your own penis that actually vibrates? Trust me that identical replica of your phallus is a gift of a lifetime!” (http://thestallionstyle.com)

Where to buy?

The Clone-A-Willy kit is available from several different places including Bondara, LoveHoney and Ann Summers.  USA Customers can buy from LoveHoney USA.


10. Cock-Rub by Ann Summers

ann summers cock rub
What You Get:

A cooling and tingling cream that heightens sensations and sexual contact, making masturbation more pleasurable and erotic. This cream is ideal for all, and will more likely than not lead your lover toward a very happy ending this Valentines Day.

Key Features:

  • Seventy-five milli-litre bottle
  • Warming cream to enhance sensitivity
  • Stronger orgasms

“fantastic will use it again and again i think its the best stuff ever my girlfriend shown me how too use it she use it her self has i watch it fantastic some times when iam on my own i use it amazing would highley recomend it to all male and female happy rubing”
-says Pioneer7470

“bought this one in a set of samples and it was really impressive, not only did it taste amazing, a bit like refreshers, but it really made a difference and my boyfriend really enjoyed using it.”
-says Lola26-says Amy 81 (http://www.annsummers.com)

Where to buy?

You can buy this cock rub from Ann Summers.


Top 10 Sexy Valetnine’s Gifts for Him

We hope this has given you some inspiration for what to get that special man in your life for Valentine’s.

Top 5 Rabbit Vibrator Picks


With so many rabbit vibrators available on the market, we figured it would be nice to help you out a little on what is essentially a great vibrator to choose. Below are our top 5 picks based on differing factors spelt out in each one. You really can’t go wrong with any of the rabbit vibrators below.

Top 5 Best Buys for Rabbit Vibrators

For the Price

Jessica Rabbit Vibrator

jessica rabbit vibrator

The Jessica Rabbit vibrator is extremely popular, not only because it delivers on performance but because it is also pretty CHEAP! The Jessica Rabbit is the perfect beginner rabbit vibrator but also great for anyone wanting to try something new. For under £10, this little number just wants to please. It is made of jelly rubber that is squidgy but firm at the same time. Jelly rubber is very beginner friendly and has a great feel to it. There are a range of speeds too which are powerful enough to give you a great orgasm. Overall this is quite a straight forward rabbit vibrator and extremely nifty. The reviews are definitely in favour of this one too (and not just because it’s cheap as chips).

One reviewer even states:

“I would recommend the Jessica Rabbit to every woman!”.

We think that says it all.

To find out more about the Jessica Rabbit vibrator click here.


For the Guarantee

The Moregasm One

the moregasm rabbit vibrator

The Moregasm One could be viewed as being wonderful for more than just the guarantee. Yes it’s great you get to try out a rabbit vibrator and if it turns out not to give you “THE best orgasm ever”, then you can just get a refund and be done with it. However, we know, having had the opportunity to test it ourselves; that the likelihood of getting a refund is pretty darn slim. Why? Because The Moregasm One is bloody AMAZING.

The Moregasm uses “climax technology” which is exclusive to Ann Summers. It uses a new type of motor that sends powerful low frequency waves of vibrations deep into the body. This means any vibrations coming from this vibrator travel further and hit many more nerve endings in your body. You can certainly feel it – especially in the shaft. The rabbit ears may compare to other models, but the shaft vibrations are on a whole new level.

So despite being told you are going to have ‘your best orgasm ever’ – we think its pretty great you can get your money back if it doesn’t happen.

To find out more about the Moregasm One click here.

For the Luxury

The Lelo Insignia Soraya

lelo insignia soraya vibrator

Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something special; something wonderful and luxurious because YOU deserve it. Rabbit vibrators can get expensive. But just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to deliver luxury and amazement. There are certainly some let downs out there. You also don’t have to spend a tonne of money to get something that feels and looks luxurious either.

In this case we wanted to pick a rabbit vibrator that has thought of everything. That rabbit is the Lelo Insignia Soraya. You could argue it’s not a proper rabbit if it doesn’t have the ears, but what it lacks in bunny ears it makes up in everything else.

The Lelo Insignia Soraya has been carefully thought out to give you the best of the best. Not only is it stylish and luxurious looking – it also comes in a beautifull presented box – so when it arrives in the post you can feel extra special. Of course that’s only PART of the luxury.

The other part and the more important part is that it gives you a right good seeing to! Well it shouldn’t disappoint.

It has an intelligent shape that is designed to fit the contours of the your body. It has an easy grip handle and safety lock to prevent it going off if you are travelling with it. It also has 8 vibration settings, is discreet and has a silky soft silicone exterior. Did we mention it looks absolutely stunning. Certainly a rabbit vibrator proud to sit on the bedside table instead of tucked away shamefully in a drawer.

The Lelo Insignia Soraya rabbit vibrator is also fully rechargeable and waterproof. Everything you expect from something luxurious.

To find out more about the Lelo Insignia Soraya vibrator click here.


For Value for Money

Bondara Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

bondara silicone rabbit vibrator

So now we’ve splurged and spent all our money on the Lelo Insignia Soraya, it’s time to have a look at a rabbit vibrator that delivers a lot but comes at a surprisingly cheaper price than anticipated. For value but luxury we pick the Bondara Silicone Rabbit Vibrator.

At under £30 but with so many features that a lot of the more expensive toys have – this definitely is value for money.

It is made from silky soft silicone and has a high quality looking finish. It is fully rechargeable with 3 vibration speeds and 8 vibration modes. That is a good array of settings to use. The only thing we think it lacks is that its only splashproof not waterproof but with such great reviews we think it can be forgiven. We’ve also seen very similar versions of it for twice the price too!

The Silicone vibe has simple to use controls, multi-speeds and plenty of satisfied customers. At such a low price, this is great for a first time buyer or someone who wants something new but cheap.

The Bondara Silicone Rabbit Vibrator is a luxury vibrator with 8 vibrations and 3 speeds. It is rechargeable as well as lush. A true value for money steal.

To find out more about the Bondara Silicone rabbit vibrator click here.

For Being Traditional

Jessica Classic Rabbit Vibrator by LoveHoney

jessica rabbit vibrator

Sometimes you just want something traditional and classic – without all the bells and whistles. Something that provides exactly what you need. The LoveHoney Jessica Classic Rabbit Vibrator is that. A good all rounder that provides you with the traditional rabbit vibrator settings and look. Sometimes you just don’t need any more than that.

The Jessica Classic has a traditional rotating shaft with 3 speeds of reversible fun. It also has 3 speeds for clitoral stimulation too. This is a fairly traditional set of choices and we love it! Completely waterproof and made from skinsafe rubber, this vibrator will satisfy and please.

It also has a huge customer base who love it too, so it must be doing something right.

To find out more about the Jessica Rabbit Classic click here.


There is such a huge range of rabbit vibrators available on the market that it can seem a little daunting picking one out. We hope this list was helpful in deciphering between some of the amazing vibrators available.

Black Friday Offers 2015 for Sex Toys

It’s that time of year again when Black Friday hits us – many online stores decide to start their sales early!  Well with black friday fast approaching, we have put together a list of places you can get sex toys for super cheap.  Sex toy sales and rabbit vibrator sales – whatever you are looking to get, you will find a bargain on this page.


Many companies have decided to start their Black Friday sale celebrations early and begin tomorrow 25th November!  Not all of them though and we will continue to update this page with all the deals available.  Let us know in the comments if we miss anything 🙂


What’s the Offer?

  • 30% OFF with code BLACK






Ann Summers

What’s The Offer?

  • Offer begins 25th November – Ends December 1st 2015
  • 20% off Everything
  • 30% off Selected Lingerie & an extra 20% off
  • 50% off Rampant Rabbits and Sex Toys & an extra 20% off (CLICK HERE for their Rampant Rabbit range)
  • Extra 20% off 3 for 2 Selected Gifts & Novelties (Click here for gifts and novelties section)

ann summers black friday


What’s the Offer?

  • 2pm Weds 25th November – Midnight Tuesday 1st December
  • Price shown will all ready have extra discount applied.
  • Save up to an Extra 30% off selected top brand.


CLICK HERE to start shopping.


Giveaway: The Moregasm One by Ann Summers

Recently Ann Summers launched the Moregasm range which guarantees to give you the best orgasm ever or YOUR MONEY BACK!  We were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to test the Rampant Rabbit in this collection.  You can read our review here.  We were so impressed by its capabilities that we have decided to share the love and celebrate the Moregasm launch in style.

WIN! The Moregasm Rampant Rabbit

So we are giving 1 Moregasm Rampant Rabbit away to one lucky winner.  We also have 1 runner up prize too 🙂

To recap some of the Moregasm’s beautiful features, here is a breakdown:

  • Made from soft smooth silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • Powerful shaft vibrations that travel further and stimulate more nerve endings than other vibrators
  • Powerful bunny ears
  • Waterproof
  • G-spot targeted
  • 4.5 inch insertable length
  • 4 inch girth





If you would like to win this buzzing beauty then enter below!  Good luck 🙂


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Competition Time – Win 1 of 3 Luxury Silicone Rabbit Vibrators

Win A Luxury Rabbit Vibrator

With the beautiful weather, comes a beautiful mood.  To celebrate we are giving away 3 Silicone Rabbit Vibrators to 3 lucky Winners.

The beautiful silicone rabbit vibrators we are giving away have these features:

  • 4 inch girth
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Material: smooth silicone
  • Angled tip
  • Waterproof
  • Battery powered: 2xAAA required (not included)
  • FREE bottle of lube

Competition ends on 21st June 2015 – so get your entries in now 🙂  We will then pick 3 Winners!


WIN! A Luxury Silicone Rabbit Vibe – 3 to giveaway!

Spring Fever! Rabbit Vibrator Bargains for Easter 2015

It’s Spring Fever and that means lots of sales on all your favourite rabbit vibes! There is a nice selection of rabbit vibrators to choose from all the top online sites at the moment and below is where we will list them to make everything easy for you to find.

First up is Bondara…20% OFF ALL Rabbit Vibrators

Bondara is offering a nice 20% OFF ALL their rabbit vibrators right now. So that gives you a lot to choose from. Bondara are known for their cheap rabbit vibrator selection and they are certainly have one of the widest selections available to choose from.

Rabbit vibrator easter offers 2015

Rampant Man – The Perfect Couples Toy…

Currently we have a limited stock of the Rampant Man on sale at the reduced price of £24.50 with FREE Delivery…

rampant man offer sale


Up to 40% OFF Selected Rampant Rabbits

rampant rabbit metal one offer

Ann Summers have up to 40% OFF on selected Rampant Rabbits. This includes…

Rampant Rabbit Gift Set – ONLY £50

This gift set is an absolute BARGAIN! It includes the Rampant Rabbit Cock Ring, the Rampant Rabbit Little Slim One AND the Rampant Rabbit Just The Ears. To buy these separately you would be spending close to £100. It comes with lube and wipes too. The perfect set for anyone who loves their Rabbit Vibrators.

rampant rabbit gift set


The Metal One – ONLY £30 (SAVE £20)

The Metal One is only a recent edition to the Ann Summers’ family but has many great reviews to back up its awesomeness. The metal shaft makes it perfect for experimenting with temperature – for a hot or cold sensation experience.

the metal one rampant rabbit ann summers

The Mini One – ONLY £20

the mini one rampant rabbit


These aren’t the only Rampant Rabbits on offer. There is also the Silicone Curved One, Just the Ears and The Rechargeable One on offer too.

LoveHoney Sale

lovehoney spring sale


Do you know of any other sales? Please comment below if you do!