Bargain Female Sex Toys Bundle

bargain female sex toys are one of the UK’s leading sex toy suppliers. Supplying the nation with both luxury and bargain ranges, it’s no wonder Bondara are so popular. They also happen to be one of the most accessible sites to the newcomer with reviews, handy to use categories and guides available on their website. And now for as little as £24.99 newcomers to the sex toy industry can sample the most popular toys out there at a steal. In their Bargain Female Sex Toys Bundle you get:


Bargain Bundle Includes:

  • 1x bullet (three inches in length, one inch in circumference)
  • 1x love balls (inserted into the vagina with a circumference of around 1 ¼ inches)
  • 1x Jessica Rabbit (9 inches total length, 5.5 inches insertable and multiple speeds)
  • 1x 150ml Bondara Luxury Lubricant
  • All in various shades of purple
  • Jessica rabbit splash proof only
  • Love balls and bullet waterproof

What you get

jessica rabbitogasmic waterproof bullet vibratorx-orgasmic love ballsbondara luxury lubricant

This is just one of the great female sex toy bundles offered by Bondara direct from their site. Also available in the range is the Classic Female Sex Toys Bundle (basically a slight upgrade from the Bargain Bundle with updated versions of the above), the Classic Vibrator Bundle (like it says on the packet, more vibrator orientated), the Ultimate Vibrator Bundle (the upgrade of the classic) and the Ultimate Female Sex Toys bundle (a mix of all of the above). In this pack, you get a bullet, love balls, Jessica rabbit and luxury lubricant in your bundle. Each of these toys is sold separately on the Bondara website though when sold in value bundles, well worth the savings you make.


One of the main draws to this bundle is its versatility. You get a taster of many popular forms of female sex toy at a very low cost. A breakdown of each product in this pack gets overall positive feedback from newcomers to sex toys in particular:

“Can feel them every time you move. Really good, would definitely recommend.”


One reviewer says of the X-Orgasm love balls

“Well got these not really expecting much, more out of curiosity. Popped them up and walked around and thought mmm. Played with myself with them in and the mmm went up a notch.”
Says another user in

“Couldn’t feel a thing when I put them in at first, however after a while and a bit of clenching I began to feel the sensations! Very nice indeed 😉 Brilliant price and they work wonders in making you horny and ready for sex…”



A good size, these love balls receive few complaints and are a good sturdy product ideal for pelvic floor exercises or even pre-coital stimulation. They also have a soft vibrating movement and receive a positive average rating at around 4.9/5 on the Bondara website.

The little bullet vibrator, the O-gasmic is available for £5.99. Used as an extra stimulus not just for her, but for him too, the bullet vibe stands at three inches with an inch circumference. It can be used as part of foreplay on the vaginal opening, clitoris and is small enough to be used in conjunction with penetrative sex with your partner. The little toy has five star reviews on the Bondara website.

“It might be small but it packs a wallop with those intense vibrations. I get the best orgasms from this bullet vibrator.”
– says Lucinda

“It works on my earlobes, nipples, and clit. It’s also waterproof so I may use it in the bath or hot tub.”
– says another satisfied user.

Both of these toys are ideal for travel, come in attractive shade of purple and have high performance levels. Both toys fit easily in your purse and have a high performance rating. Made for foreplay orientated stimulation, these toys make a great precursor or tease to using either your included Jessica rabbit or a cosy night in with your partner.

The Jessica Rabbit

jessica rabbitMade from Jelly rubber, this multi speed vibrator is a classical yet affordable take on woman’s best friend. Made in a striking purple shade, this pretty rabbit makes up the third of a deadly trio in the Bargain Bundle package. The shaft is 1.5 inches, not the widest variety of rabbit, considering that rabbits sold in relation to the cost of this entire bundle come in at around 4 inches in circumference. The shape is more realistically developed and is less curvier than many higher end rabbits out there. The rabbit ears are however slightly longer than many models for clitoral stimulation which will be a must for many girls out there. Generally speaking, this rabbit has been reviewed highly by newcomers to sex toys:

“I would recommend the Jessica Rabbit to every woman!”
Says Yvonne on

“Me and my partner were looking for a new toy. We decided to get this Jessica Rabbit. A stunningly low price and powerful stimulation. Happy”
Says B+G

“When I just bought this rabbit I was very sceptical because it was very cheap but once I used it, I am in love it ! Would recommend it to everyone!”
Says another user on (all reviews taken from the bondara site)

“Absolutely fantastic. This is my first toy and it brought so much pleasure, I recommend to all who want that extra spice.”
Says Satisfied Customer

“I’d always wanted to buy a vibrator but was hesitant since I didnt know if it would be worth the money or if it would be right for me. I found this one and figured why not give it a try since it was so cheap and I’m glad I did!”
– says Rachel

This item generally retails alone at £9.99 and is powered by AA batteries (sold separately). As part of a package or as an introduction to the rabbit vibe itself, this product received an average rating of 4.5 of 5 stars in a large number of reviews. The price certainly doesn’t show itself in the quality of your orgasm if these customers are to be believed. However, it does show itself to be somewhat cheaper in other ways.

The Loudness Factor

While the love balls and bullet vibrator were viewed to run very quietly, the Jessica Rabbit does seem to let the side down slightly here. Many customers comment that this rabbit is particularly loud, a general complain of cheaper and even some more expensive rabbit vibrators. If you’re trying your rabbit in a shared house please do bear some of these customers’ comments in mind:

“This was my first ever sex toy, and whilst it feels amazing, it is pretty loud!”
– says one customer

“Very loud. Though for price it’s strong and can’t complain!”
Says hey sexy lady!

However, at less than £10 alone or £24.99 as part of the Bargain bundle, the noise can be forgiven given the fantastic results this amazingly cheap rabbit delivers.


The love balls and bullet are both waterproof which means they are easy to clean and maintain as well as for some bath time play. Keep your Jessica Rabbit on dry land however, as she doesn’t have her sea legs and is splash proof only. To clean this bunny, wiping down with a warm, damp cloth will suffice.


The X-Orgasm love balls is self vibrating, saving you the need for any such batteries. The love bullet and Jessica rabbit do however require AA batteries (not included) though these can be purchased easily along with your bundle through the Bandara rabbit or cheaply at most hardware stores.


The Bargain Female Sex Toys bundle also comes complete with free delivery and Bondara Luxury Lubricant (150ml.) Bondara’s own lubricant is alcohol free, skin safe, latex and condom safe and water based. It’s also non staining and ideal for use with your toys or intimate massages.

bondara luxury lubricant

Ideal for beginners

Many who purchased this bundle were newcomers to sex toys on the whole. The bundle features a good spectrum of popular sex toys and is a gentle introduction to the more popular female sex toys at a great price. Overall, the toys are of a great quality for their price and, considering that many vibrators, bullets or even love balls total this price or more, this bundle is recommended for beginners not wishing to pull at their purse strings just yet.

As far as more experienced users go, this bundle won’t disappoint on the whole concerning the love balls and bullet – in fact, many experienced sex toy users will be potentially delighted to find such high quality toys at such a low price. However, fans of the rabbit in particular are best steering clear or spending their money on a higher quality rabbit. Many complaints of the Jessica were that it was loud and far too slim. The Jessica Rabbit is great value for what you pay for it but perhaps not suited to more experienced users who require a little more focused stimulation.

Where To Buy

bargain sex toys bundle


Bondara’s Bargain Female Sex Toys bundle is the ideal introduction to sex toys. Perfect for couples of singles play, three toys and luxury lubrication for the price of £24.99 really cannot be sniffed at. With the Love Balls and bullet being praised by both amateurs and seasoned sex toy users alike, this attractive package is a must on a budget. Fans of the rabbit might wish to steer clear however as the Jessica Rabbit, while good value for money, is rather basic and lacking compared to many on the market today.