Passion Rabbit

passion rabbit vibrator buy nowIf you want something cheap, that does the job and with plenty of bang for your buck; then look no further than the Passion Rabbit vibrator.  It is beautifully shaped with a solid jelly feel to it.  The head is moulded to be realistic looking but the shaft is bulbous to give extra sensation to the vagina.  The bulging shaft rotates too.  As well as a beautifully crafted shaft, the Passion Rabbit has bunny ears for simply delicious pleasure.  It has power too despite its miniscule price.



Passion Rabbit Vibrator Details

  • Realistic head and bulging shaft
  • Powerful Rabbit stimulator
  • 9 inches long (6 inch insertable)
  • Splashproof
  • Batteries included
  • Great for beginners

Realistic Head

Many women like their vibrator to look fairly realistic.  It makes fantastising easier, feels better and is a better sensation than something oddly shaped…or oddly shaped to be using for the job at hand!  The realistic head is perfect for hitting the g-spot too.

Bulging Shaft

The bulging shaft that rotates to give you internal stimulation. You have control over this yourself too.

Powerful Vibration

You have control over multiple speeds so you can get the most out of the rotating shaft and vibrating ears.  If you want to create more intensity turn the speed up; if you want something a little softer turn it down.


This vibrator is only splashproof and not fully waterproof.


The shaft is 9 inches long in total.  It has 6 inches insertable length with is roughly half an inch more than a lot of rabbit vibes offer.  So f you want something with a little extra length this is ideal.

Batteries Included

Bondara are so great that they also include batteries with this vibrator so you can get started right way!


If you are on a budget and need something cheap, then look no further.  The Passion is available from around £9.99-£12.99, depending on whether its on offer on not.  Either way its certainly very cheap.

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Simple To Use Controls

The controls are very easy to use and can be found at the base of the vibe.


Customer Rating

Despite being cheap, the few reviews this puppy have are great.  The average rating is 5 out of 5.  You can’t really argue with a rating like that!

Great for Beginners

Finding the perfect rabbit for your first can be tricky particularly as you don’t know whether this style of vibrator is right for you.  The Passion Rabbit is perfect for beginners because it has excellent reviews, simple controls and not too many, is a great size and also very cheap so if you do decide its not right for you, you wouldn’t have lost out on a lot of money.

For help choosing your first please check out our beginners buying guide.


What can we say?  Its cheap, has great reviews and has enough functions to keep you happy.  If you need something that doesn’t cost the earth and want something that has enough to entertain you then we recommend this rabbit.  It is also sold by a company with a great track record including free delivery.  You couldn’t really ask for more if you are on a budget.