The Mighty One

rampant rabbit the mighty oneThe Rampant Rabbit changed the face of sex toys forever – with its unique design and features, which tempted and teased women across the globe into making their very first sex toy purchase; which opened up the world of whole new pleasurable experiences, and which pushed minds towards opening via self-discovery. Ann Summers have recently introduced the Rampant Rabbit – The Mighty One to their collection. By analysing the feedback of their loyal customers, they engineered the design of the Mighty One based upon what the women favoured, according to their answers. The main three things were: power, ease and comfort, and a reduced noise level.

What you get:

The Rampant Rabbit Mighty One is a neon pink, eight-inch, rabbit vibrator, based upon the classic design of the classic Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit. The Mighty One was designed with power in mind, and utilises multiple speed vibrations, which vibrate through the entire length of the shaft. The clitoral rabbit-ear stimulator has been specially designed into a unique heart shape, which controls the type of clitoral vibrations you will experience – as this shape delivers more of a vibrational flutter to your clit, rather than full-on vibratory power. These specially designed rabbit ears still sit comfortably next to your clitoris, as the Rampant Rabbit Mighty One is made from super-smooth, and -sleek, silicone. This rabbit vibrator is large, powerful, and yet amazingly quiet. It is easy to cycle through the vibrational functions, as one button controls all. There isn’t any need to worry about batteries, as the Rampant Rabbit Mighty One is Ann Summers’ first USB-chargeable rabbit vibe, but it has been reported that some of these vibrators do not connect properly. Another fault which has been mentioned, is that the unique heart-shaped rabbit ears tend to become faulty after a few months, and this seems to be a fairly common fault. But Ann Summers do guarantee all their products, and have responded to customers’ concerns by permitting them to send their faulty toys back to them.

Rampant Rabbit The Mighty One Key Features:

  • Four-speed vibrator
  • Unique heart-shaped clitoral ear stimulator
  • Comfortable hold, and one-push button function.
  • Discreet and quiet
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Silicone
  • Body-Safe

“Although The Mighty One is admittedly more powerful than some of the battery operated rabbits I’ve tried, and probably powerful enough for sex toy newbies or the more sensitive types, it didn’t quite make it to vibrator perfection in my book. It’s so very, very close. If only the clit stim were as rigid yet rounded as the beautifully sculpted shaft. These are just my personal preferences of course, your mileage may vary.”


“Fantastic toy, best orgasms!! addictive really strong vibrations. How ever this is the 2nd time I’ve had to return it as the ears stopped working again and I’ve had it less than 3 months! This seems to be a common problem with these rabbits.”
Says Bunnylover777

“This is a great product, does exactly what it says but unfortunately the rabbit ears have stopped working, which is disappointing thought this would have lasted ages for the price it cost. I’ve only had it 4 months, it was a gift from my boyfriend because he lives away. Would have bought another but it’s expensive when it doesn’t last long.”
Says Dylan 41

“This rabbit would be great but unfortunately the ears are temperamental! They don’t always switch on, even when fully charged. Waste of money without the ears.”
Says J270

“This is great but it broke after about a month, there’s something weird with the charger. It would take a day or so to charge and would stop working after about 30 seconds.”
Says Stargirl


Does Power Matter?

Gaining enhanced power levels is one of the chief reasons that the Rampant Rabbit Mighty One was invented. It has four vibrational power settings, that extend throughout the length of this vibrator’s shaft, creating powerful vibrations that reach the g-shape, due to the Mighty One’s curved tip. The design of the rabbit ears debut a powerful – yet not overpowering – clitoral stimulation, as the heart- shaped design not only surrounds the clitoris, but covers a wider area, sending fluttering vibrations across the clitoris and the surrounding area, though it is debatable whether these sensations are actually revolutionary or not; it does seem to depend simply on personal preference:

“This rabbit is amazing i was brought this as a gift and its the best gift i have ever received. I only have the mini one and this was far 10 times better.Loving the new style ears that give a great sensation and very strong vibrations. I would highly recommend this on your own or with your partner”
Says Hoody

“The heart shaped bunny ears do not caress the clitoris as well as the original design and the vibrating shaft is just an unpleasant sensation. As the product does not enhance my sexual experience in any way I think that it is for the bin.”
Says Sexiness

“OMG this is so powerful and brought me to several intense orgasms both alone and with partner. New charging means no longer being frustrated by running out of batteries!!”
Says nectar

“OMG this is so powerful and brought me to several intense orgasms both alone and with partner. New charging means no longer being frustrated by running out of batteries!!”
Says Miss A



This Rampant Rabbit Mighty One is USB-Rechargeable; just plug in to recharge – eliminating the need to worry about batteries. An LED light will become a steady green once the Mighty One is fully charged, so you know when you’re good to go! But for the Mighty One to attain a full charge, it is advised that you leave it charging for twelve hours on first charge. Once fully charged, the Rampant Rabbit Mighty One will allow you enough play-time, ensuring that you are left feeling satisfied and fulfilled:

However I do love how The Mighty One charges love how it’s operated. Love the top end power through the shaft. Just that tweak to the clit stim and it would be edging up the ladder towards rabbit perfection for me.


“I’ve just bought one today I’m trying to charge it, is it normal for the red light to go off when on charge?”
Says HelenNelly123



The Rampant Rabbit Pearl One is fully body-safe. It contains no nickel, latex or phthalates. It is made from uber soft and smooth baby pink silicone, which is a delight to stroke, and has rose-gold metallic features, making for a classy vibrator all-round.

The Mighty One is made from smooth, soft silicone, which is body-safe, nonporous and responds well to water based lubricants during use. It quickly warms to my body temperature and although the main shaft is fairly rigid due to the internal mechanisms, the clitoral stimulator is very flexible. Perhaps too flexible as it turned out…



The Mighty One is designed with the ability to be used discreetly, and is considerably quieter than the average Rampant Rabbit vibrator.


This Rampant Rabbit design, is waterproof, so the Mighty One can be incorporated into water-based fun, like shower play!

“This is a waterproof sex toy too, so you can enjoy it in the bath or shower as well as being able to clean it thoroughly without worry.”


Newcomer Friendly

Like all of the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit range, the Mighty One is user-friendly, as it provides a easy grip and its smooth and sleek silicone design allows for comfortable usage. One button controls all the vibrational settings, and with one push, it will cycle through them – till you locate the desired setting.

Being slightly larger than the average Rampant Rabbit, the Mighty One may look a little intimidating, especially if this was your first sex-toy purchase – but don’t let the Mighty One intimidate you, as it wins most people over, after their initial Mighty One pleasure session.

“I am in love. Absolutely, bewilderingly in love. And the object of my affection is so smooth and pink and pretty!
This is the best vibe I’ve ever owned, by a long long way. As I mentioned, it’s super smooth, and has a really nice texture. It’s soooooooooooo quiet, and I find it really handy to be able to just charge it by USB. Brilliant idea! Why don’t all toys do this?!
Honestly, this rabbit makes me orgasm so hard I feel like I’m dying. There have been involuntary wall punches, multiple orgasms, and an inescapable amount of noise. The rabbit ears are absolutely perfect (weird sentence, right?), and the shaft is just right to stimulate my g-spot. I mean seriously, I think I’ve become addicted.
I don’t really like the vibrations in the shaft so leave that off, but the ear part is perfect, and the controls are really easy to use. The only drawback I’ve encountered thus far (other than losing hours of my day) is that the motor in the ear section seems to overheat pretty easily. All the same, no regrets.
I love this rabbit. I love, love, love it. :D”
Says LanaLanaLana

“Speechless… It was so good but I needed to be quiet… So good infact that I had to turn it off to stop me disturbing the household. Just wow.
Easy to use!
P.s. To those interested in quiet… This is practically as quiet as they get. (It’s a vibrator, likelihood is it’s not going to be silent)
Go on… Treat yourself, I did 😉 xoxo”
Says Princessall



If you are looking for a classic Rabbit-style vibrator, then the Rampant Rabbit Mighty One by Ann Summers could be the toy for you. As noted above, it is lightly larger than previous models, with innovative technology making this vibrator powerful, yet simple to use, and comfortable to hold. Although it does, at times, seem to be a little hit-and-miss; there are many people out there who love the power that The Mighty One has to offer, yet there are an equal number of people who have experienced various technical problems relating to the charger unit, and charge time, as well as to the rabbit-ear clitoral stimulator, which packs up after a few months, and minimal usage. These faults may just be slight hiccups within this design however, as the Mighty One does possess some unique features that no other Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit vibrator can boast. Rest assured that if you do experience problems regarding your Mighty One, then Ann Summers will replace faulty products, as they are covered under the terms of the guarantee.

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