The Remote One by Ann Summers

The Rampant Rabbit Remote is another innovative designed first brought to the market by Ann Summers. The remote controlled Rampant Rabbit is perfect for adventurous couples (the remote can used from up to 100 feet away) and women who like to be hands free when enjoying their vibrator.

Rampant Rabbit Remote Details

  • Wireless remote control
  • 7 vibration settings
  • 7 settings for the shaft
  • Upturned tip for g-spot pleasure
  • Flexible, bendable shaft
  • 5 inches length
  • Waterproof
  • Latex/Phthalates free
  • Quiet

Wireless Remote Control

What makes the Rampant Rabbit Remote special is its wireless remote control making it easier for you to change the settings on your vibrator, without having to reach down and fiddle blindly. It also makes it easier if you want your partner to control the vibrator as he sends you into climax.

7 Vibration Settings

The Rampant Rabbit Remote comes with 7 vibration settings for those beautiful bunny ears. The 7 vibration settings breaks down to 3 vibration speeds and 4 pulse pattern settings to change it up. This gives you a great range of intensity that you can keep piling on until you reach your climax.

7 Shaft Vibration Settings

The Rampant Rabbit Remote shaft comes with 7 settings – 1 speed and 6 pulse settings to get you throbbing.

Upturned Tip

The Rampant Rabbit Remote comes with an upturned tip to making hitting your g-spot a lot easier, giving yo uextra pleasure.

Soft, Flexible Shaft

This rampant rabbit has a flexible and bendable shaft.


This rampant rabbit packs a punch with power but is also pretty quiet too so you can be discreet about what you are doing in your bedroom.

Latex & Phthalates Free

The Rampant Rabbit Remote is made from materials that are latex free and phthalates free.


The Remote rabbit vibrator is waterproof so perfect for taking in the shower.

Rampant Rabbit Remote Video

The Rampant Rabbit Remote is perfect for beginners and experiences users. If you want to be hands free or hand the reigns over to your partner this is the rampant rabbit for you.