The Rotating One by Ann Summers

rotating one ann summersThe Rotating One’s name refers to the multi-directional rotating metal beads in the shaft that give you mind blowing thrills because of the way they move in every direction possible. This is the traditional style of rabbit vibrator and is very popular.  It is perfect for experienced users as well as beginners who want to buy their very first rabbit vibe.

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The Rotating One Details

  • Multi-rotational pleasure beads
  • 7 vibration settings in ear
  • 3 settings in shaft
  • 6 inch insertable length
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet
  • Perfect for beginners & experienced users

Multi-Rotational Beads

It has multi-rotational metal beads in the shaft that will excite and tease you as they move in every direction possible.

Insertable Length

The insertable length is almost 6 inches which isn’t bad and plenty for the majority of uses.

7 Vibration Settings

The bunny ears for this rabbit vibrator have 7 settings – 4 pulses settings and 3 speeds to get the most out of those clit hugging ears.

3 Shaft Settings

The rotating beads come with 3 speed settings so you can change it up while using this vibrator.


It’s completely waterproof so perfect for those who like to take their toys into the bath/shower with them.


Despite the rotating beads, Ann Summers says this one is very quiet.

Who’s It For?

According to Ann, it is perfect for beginners who want their first rabbit vibrator but also this vibrator is perfect for experienced users too.


The Rotating One is a good choice for beginners. It is the traditional model of rabbit vibrator: rotating beads in the shaft and buzzing bunny ears. It has a reasonable number of settings but not too many to overwhelm. The reviews also reveal that they are many First Timers who have chosen this one and have nothing but praise for it.

“WOW what a first ever rabbit and by gosh it’s brill.. Bring me to climax within minutes.. Well worth the pennies…”

“Ive had this vibrator for over 7 years and it was my first one. I had bought another one as this was getting old but I always went back to using this one!”

“I love this, this is mine an my partners first toy an were plesently suprised. The rotating shaft feels great, with numerous settings it allows you to be in control. At first we struggled getting the ears in the correct position but practise makes perfect 🙂 an wow you will not be dissapointed, I orgasm every time and my partner loves it. its a must have!…”

“Recently single after 20 years of marrige I purchased this RR my first ever sex aid. I took a lot of time reading reviews and am delighted with it…I have to say its the best orgasm Ive ever had.”

“just arrived.. tried it out and was amazing! first rabbit i have ever brought and im so glad i did!”

“This is my first rabbit I have brought and I was contiplating what this one would be like at first. When I got it i My first thought was omg its really big! but when i tryed it out it was a perfect size and the rabbit ears were perfectly in place!! This bunny is Amazing!! And it has soooo many settings that are insane if you get the right one!!”

“My first toy and I couldn’t be without it, amazing orgasms without fail everytime I use it! I would definately reccomed this toy even if your new to vibrators… Great for your partner to use on you as well as having some time alone!”


Despite this though, it is also worth noting that some reviewers had concerns over the size and found it to be much too big. As a beginner, for many, this can be a daunting thing. Some reviews above note their shock about the size of it but made it work/realised it wasn’t as bad as their initial reaction. Other reviews however didn’t feel this way and found it uncomfortable and hard. To see these reviews please scroll down.



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 Customer Opinions

There are over hundred reviews from customers on the Rotating One.  Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the vibrator to give you more information.

  • Average [rating: 4.2]
  • Quality [rating: 4.5]
  • Value [rating: 4.2]


There are a lot of positive reviews and they all say how wonderful this one is in every way.  Below are just a few of them.

“Everything about it is great, I would recommend it to everyone. The only problem is it’s hard to put down 😛 Well worth the money, I love it! :)”

“Me and my wife have nearly all the RR’s this is definitely one of the best recommend to everyone…”




The list has been compiled from the complaints made by customers in the reviews. Its to give you a balance view compared to customers who had nothing but praise. Everyone is different and will have their own opinion and unique preferences.

  • Poor Rotating Shaft

Some customers complained that it didn’t rotate very well or lacked power.

“For a Rabbit that is known as ‘The Rotating One’ it doesnt rotate very well at all and has very limited power in the shaft….Have asked for a refund based on the Rabbit Buying Guide suggesting this particular Rabbit and the fact that it doesnt rotate well, despite being advertised as ‘The Rotating One’.”

“The rotation is slow and the rabbit head fail to perform. I have brought a basic vibrator in the passt which did a better job. I really want my money back.”


  • Big

Some customers thought that the vibe was just too big.

“This is wayyy to big. I went from a promises vibrator to this which I don’t think was wise but the reviews were great. Need a lot of lube and I don’t think the ears reach the right places and the beads are uncomfortable.”

“i bought this as thought it looked good but is way to big and vibration is poor on the shaft.”

“My ex is a little bigger than this rabbit so I thought this would be fine.NO it weren’t. it hurt and was very uncomfortable! so big that I could hardly feel the rotation because the size was so overpowering…”

“Its painful to get in and feels like a dull ache when it is in. But that’s just my personal experience…Will be purchasing a smaller one next time.”


  • Too Firm

It seems that the size of this one may not have been an issue if it didn’t feel so “solid”. The hardness of the shaft made it uncomfortable.


“The problem with this product is that it is extremely solid, by this i mean that the shaft is firm to the point being uncomfortable because the plastic is supposed to be thin enough to feel the beads, but you feel the machine that powers it instead. This firmness means the girth is extremely noticeable. Despite me and the boyfriend giving it repeated tries it really didn’t get me anywhere near the “happy place” and the ears have the same firmness issue. Also the rotating action is very odd and can be quite uncomfortable. Would not recommend for those who don’t already own large toys.”


  • Ears not in the right place

Quite a few reviewers felt the bunny ears just were not located properly and this made it difficult to use optimally and successfully.

“..the ears were nowhere near where they are supposed to be.. The ears are just way too far and don’t make an impact.”

“…The rabbit ears are in the wrong place for me…”

Rotating Rampant Rabbit Video


The Rotating rabbit vibe has some great customer reviews to back up its awesomeness. There are some reviews that do put some of its features into question and it is worth weighing this up in your mind before buying.  It is certainly one of Ann Summer‘s most popular rabbits so that is worth factoring in too.

Overall though, this one has all the features of a traditional rabbit vibe but with just a few more settings to play around with.

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