The Rippling One by Ann Summers

The Rippling Rampant Rabbit gives you a natural and unique sensation completely different from other rampant rabbits. It ripples and wriggles to give you a completely new sensation that you haven’t experience before. The ripples from this rampant rabbit will send you straight to heaven in no time, in a completely new way.

Rippling Rampant Rabbit Details

  • 7 vibration settings
  • 3 settings in shaft
  • 6 inches length
  • 4.7 circumference
  • Waterproof
  • Very quiet
  • Ideal for experienced users
  • Latex & Phthalates free

7 Vibration Settings

The bunny ears in the Rippling Rampant Rabbit come with 7 settings – 3 vibration speed settings and 4 pulses to spice things up.

3 Shaft Settings

The Rippling Rampant Rabbit comes with 3 ripple settings in the shaft so you can intensify the ripples/waves of wonder you receive.

6 Inch Length

The Rippling Rampant Rabbit has 6 inches of insertable shaft.

4.7 Inch Girth

The Rippling rabbit vibrator has a 4.7 inch circumference.


The Rippling rabbit vibrator is fully waterproof.

Very Quiet

The Rippling Rampant Rabbit is very quiet so you really don’t have to worry about hearing this little number while going at it in your room.

Perfect for Experienced Users

Although this isn’t to put beginners off, the Rippling Rampant Rabbit is perfect for experienced users who want something different from their rabbit vibrator.

Latex & Phthalates Free

This vibrator is made from materials that are latex and phthalates free.

Rippling Rampant Rabbit Video


The Rippling Rampant Rabbit is perfect for anyone wanting to spice things up and have a change from their standard rabbit vibrator. The Rippling Rampant Rabbit will not disappoint, with the ripples/waves it creates to drive you wild.