Rampant Rabbit

the rampant rabbit originalTwenty-five years ago, Ann Summers developed a pioneering sex-toy, one which changed the way women pleasured themselves across the world. The Rampant Rabbit was born, and since then, there have been many varying takes on this classic high-quality sex-toy, one which is known for its sleek and sensual design, and now, Ann Summers have brought the classic style Rampant Rabbit back, with all of its original features, which were designed to ensure that you discover new heights of pleasure every time.

What you get:

That Rampant Rabbit proves that size isn’t everything; with its slim, four-point-five inch insertable pink shaft and rounded tip, the Rabbit makes for an attractive bedroom accessory. Still hosting some of the original features – such as metallic rotating beads, which will massage your g-spot and the soft, jelly feel rabbit-ear clitoral stimulator, the classic model Rabbit rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise, and the shaft and ear vibrations can be controlled independently, allowing you to play around till you discover which combination of vibrational patterns and pulses works best for you. The jelly feel rabbit ears will sit comfortably against your clitoris, sending pulsating waves that travel deep within. Made from TPE, this firm-to-the-touch, multiple-speed vibrator features seven unique vibrational patterns, all controlled via a simple button interface. In addition, the Rampant Rabbit isn’t too heavy and is comfortable to use, and is battery-operated.

The Rampant Rabbit Key Features:

  • Slim rabbit vibrator
  • Seven vibrational settings
  • Firm shaft
  • Flexible Rabbit-Ear clitoral stimulator
  • Metallic-Bead G-Spot massager
  • Button interface
  • Battery-Operated

“Excellent product, comfortable and easy to use and very effective. The packaging was great, really discrete and private, and I didn’t feel at all embarrassed when receiving it from the postman. I was bowled over by the quality and design. I won’t lie, I got the product because I was having problems, but now I don’t need to worry, I feel more womanly and happier in myself because I’m not “stressed” anymore.”
Says Shepard

“This is my best friend right now, feels great, not too big to be uncomfortable and those ears are amazing of course. It is a little noisy though but I don’t even care a little bit <3”
Says MissN

“I got this for my girlfriend and she loved it it gave her the biggest orgasam I have ever seen and that really turned me on every boyfriend should buy this for there girlfriend”
Says Nicholas

“Amazing vibrator, my first one. Once I was warmed up the metallic beads really started to massage my G-spot. Oh my goodness. I’m a very happy “bunny” :)))”
Says SarahS

“Brilliant! This is amazing! I got it for a score and it the best one I’ve had yet”
Says Shazza2015


Does Power matter?

The Rampant Rabbit was originally designed with power in mind, but while it may no longer be one of the most powerful on the market, however, it does offer seven settings, which incorporate four vibrational shaft patterns, with three pulsating patterns, allowing you to combine them to discover new pleasures, thereby increasing, and intensifying, your orgasm:

“I can’t believe i’ve waited so long to get one of these. the settings are amazing and it’s fantastic by myself and even better with my partner! was on offer too so really great value”
Says Slashcat

“I’m a beginner and it was perfect for me. It has a nice variety of settings.”
Says Natallie93

“Oh Yes, Yes, Yes…. ORGASMIC!! Perfect intense orgasim!! I have tired loads of different toys but this is definitely my favourite!! It’s definitely a must for those who struggle or come or orgasim!! The different settlings are perfect for a quick or pro-longer orgasim!! I would highly recommend you add this to you MUST have list! Perfect for alone time or to use with your partner!
Mind blowing orgasmin… No brainer”
Says Mummy24

“The rabbit is very well made, easy to use and will “hit the spot” for almost anyone with its different settings. I’d fully reccomend this product”
Says Emma93



The Rampant Rabbit Classic uses three triple-A batteries, which are inserted into the battery chamber, underneath the easy-hold handle.

“Maybe my product is faulty or maybe there is a power flaw. Either way… I get 10 minutes of heightening pleasure and then it just starts losing power. This happens before you get that deep orgasm and the feeling goes. Moment lost. I’ve tried 4 brands of batteries, the same problem with all them. I have another Ann summers vibrator and that works fine so I’m not sure why it happens with this one!”
Says CrazySexyCool

“I Wouldnt recommend this to anyone, the vibrate bit is not as good as the bullet I have! I always think the tip is going to come off as there is not much support! Very disappointed with this product, will stick to a dildo and my bullet!”
Says xxxhighlander



As noted above, the Rampant Rabbit is made from TPE, which is a mixture of materials, so it is always best to double-check in advance if you happen to suffer from any allergies.


It seems that this version of the classic sex-toy is not quite as discreet as some of the newly developed Rampant Rabbit variations; for some, the noise level of this iteration is just too much:

“TOO NOISY!!………………………………….”
Says Kizzzez



The Rampant Rabbit is not waterproof.

Newcomer Friendly

Originally designed to change the face of sex toys, and how women saw them, the Rampant Rabbit classic is not intimidating in any way. It is incredibly newcomer friendly and nicely packaged with its attractive pink tones and easy, push-button control. The Rampant Rabbit isn’t heavy at all, and is easy to hold, with a comfortable design offering varying stimulating patterns, so you can start off slow and then build up the intensity.

“WOW! I can’t believe I haven’t got hold of one of these sooner?! It felt so comfortable inside and with so many variations of speed not just on the vibrator but on the rabbits ears as well. Also extra pleasure with the rotating head. Brought me to orgasm within minutes! Very hygienic too as it cleans very easily and is waterproof.”
Says Linda666

“This is the first time I have used one of these and OMG it’s great the feel and sensation fabulous would definitely recommend this to anyone”
Says Lotto

“First ever vibrator and I can’t get enough of it. The slim design is far less intimidating than some of the others and not too noisy. Love it.”
Says Lillia

“I cannot believe I have never tried one of these, it was just wow!”
Says Nico

“I have just bought our first Rabbit and wow, my wife EXPLODED !!!
Terrific fun thankyou”
Says Pete234

“Basically this will work for you much faster than you expect – so be prepared!”
Says JoJoGalore

“This is not as advertised. Very small.and does not satify”
Says lover05



Ann Summers have retained all the classic features, which earned the original Rampant Rabbit its high reputation. This toy is a great starting point for anyone who wants to take their first step into exploring the sex-toy market, and discover new ways of reaching orgasm. For some women, the size of the Rampant Rabbit classic may be a disadvantage, as it might well seem too small; if you enjoy length and girth, then this particular toy won’t be for you. The Rampant Rabbit classic may not be the most powerful vibrator out there, but it will definitely serve its purpose – to create a pleasurable, stimulating experience in a short space of time.

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