The Bendy One by Ann Summers

bendy one by ann summersThe Bendy One is a recent edition to the Ann Summer’s rampant rabbit family. It is their most flexible one yet and was specifically designed with this in mind. The shaft has been made to pliable and flexible so that you can “fit” it to your unique shape.

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  • Pliable/Flexible Shaft
  • 3 shaft settings
  • 7 rabbit ear settings
  • 6 inches + insertable length
  • Large
  • Waterproof
  • Made from TPE/ABS
  • For experienced users

Pliable Shaft

A wonderfully malleable shaft that can be moulded to fit your shape.  This is truly a wonderful feature.

10 Function Settings

There are 10 functions overall. There are 3 speeds for the shaft and 7 settings for the clit stimulator.


Like all great vibes, this one is waterproof too. You can take it swimming or easily give it a thorough cleaning after use.

Insertable Length

There are 2 pieces of information regarding this on Ann Summer’s website. One states that the insertable length is 6 inches plus, while the other states 5-7 inches. From reading reviews, however, it most likely is the 6 inches plus and many customers have commented on its size.

The insertable length is between 5-7 inches but should be 6 inches plus.


Its worth mentioning that this could be considered a large rabbit vibrator. Many customers have commented on its size. With a 6 inch plus length too, this is considered big. A standard rabbit vibe is usually 5 –6 inches at most. So if you like them large this is worth a consideration.


The Bendy vibrator measures 2 inches in diameter.

Ideal for More Experienced Users

Ann Summers states that the Bendy One is ideal for experienced users. This might be in relation to its size as some reviews reveal that it was bigger than they expected to be. We can’t see a reason why this wouldn’t work for a beginner as well but please read below for more information of our reasoning.


Although Ann Summers advertises this towards more experiences users, it appears from the reviews that a few first timers have tried this vibe out and loved it. From looking at its features, it would seem this one IS perfect for beginners.

Many beginners worry about insertion and the fact this one is bendy/pliable suggests that it would help first timers feel at ease in using it. It also has a nice range of functions but at the time not overwhelming. You get 3 for the shaft (which is simple enough) and 7 for the clit stimulation: simple settings.

The only thing that may be off putting to a beginner and not advised is the insertable length. According to Ann Summer’s website this is over 6 inches. The first timers who used it said they were intimidated by the size at first but after using realised the size wasn’t an issue like they thought it would be.

Comments made by first timers:

  • “Brilliant for beginners: It is absolutely amazing! Would recommend to anyone.. so cheap too.. as a beginner I wasnt sure what toy would be best.. but I done a lot if research into what each rabbit does and I thought the bendy one looked the best for me.. I can honestly say it had been fab.. so much power!”
  • “My first one and I want more!!!!: This was my first ever toy and I really wasn’t disappointed…”
  • “Love it. I bought this as my first vibrator after having my eye on it for a while. I’d read that it was quiet large in size and was a bit nervous but decided to take a chance.

When I opened up the box, it was even bigger than I imagined. I was really intimidated and even thought about sending it back.

In the end I just decided, what the heck!

The size didn’t end up being much of an issue. I was really surprised.

It truly is a lovely vibrator and I’m glad I didn’t send it back.
The material is so supple and velvety and luxurious. Sometimes I don’t even need lube to use it (though I do prefer it with lube). Just wetting it with some water first does the job.

Love the bendiness too! It really helps hit the spot. The ears are somewhat a little high, but it still does a great job.

I’ve used it almost every day since I got it in the mail.

Amazing orgasms!”


Made From TPE/ABS

This vibrator is made from TPE and ABS. It is also free from latex and phthalates.


4 x AAA batteries are required to get this one to work, however they are not included in your purchase; you have to buy them separately.

Customer Reviews

To get an idea of how awesome the Bendy One is, it is a good idea to look at reviews. Although you can’t always rely on other peoples’ opinions, it can be helpful in deciding on what to buy.

Some overall stats from reviews on the Ann Summers site. At time of writing (April 2013):

  • Average rating: 4 out of 5
  • 48 out of 61 customers would recommend this product.


  • Power: 41/2 out of 5
  • Quietness: 4 out of 5
  • Orgasm: 42/3 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5


  • Supple material
  • Soft velvety feel: Some customers stated that the material is very smooth and soft. As a result they didn’t need to use lube. Others though mentioned needing lube for this one.
  • Quite large size: Some customers think its just right, others think it is large and like it.
  • Quiet: Many customers like that it’s a quiet vibrator.

“I have never reached orgasm so quickly and effectively! With it’s bendy features and smooth shaft it has proved itself as the best sex toy I have and possibly ever will! I highly recommend!“

“The material is luscious, really REALLY lovely! I usually have to go through a series of toys to get myself used to the girth of my rabbits, but not with this one, even though it’s now my biggest! Hardly had to use any lube either since the material is so slick!”


  • Ears high: A few customers comment that the ears are too high up making them almost useless in using.
  • Power in shaft lacking: One customer thought the power in the shaft was lacking a little and could be better.
  • Noisy: The issue on noise seems to be an individual thing. Some customers comment it was quiet while others thought it was on the noisy side.


Overall the Bendy One has fantastic reviews and great features. You can get a lot out of this toy without feeling overwhelmed. Despite being marketed to more experienced users, it appears that this one if pretty great for beginners too. It is also great for those who prefer their rabbit vibrators a little bigger than the normal.

Where to Buy


This is an Ann Summers product so you can buy straight from them.