The Little Slim Silicone One by Ann Summers

little slim silicone rabbit vibe ann summersThe Little Slim Silicone One is a miniature sized rabbit vibrator perfect for beginners, for travelling with and those who just like something a little smaller.

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Little Slim Silicone One Features:

  • Slim
  • Short
  • Rotates
  • 4 pulse patterns
  • 7 ear settings
  • Waterproof
  • Made from silicone
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Perfect for beginners


With a maximum girth of 3.14 inches, this is much slimmer than traditional sized rabbit vibes.


The maximum insertable length is 5 inches.


Despite its miniature size, it comes with a rotating shaft which is always a pleaser!

4 Pulse Patterns

The Little Slim One comes with 4 pulse patterns in the shaft.

7 Ear Settings

There are 7 ear settings for a great variation of intensity from the bunny ears.


It is also waterproof, which is an essential feature of any vibrator.


It is made from smooth, medical grade silicone for a lovely feel. Silicone is completely body safe.


It needs 3 xAAA work but these are not included in your purchase.

Perfect for Travelling

Due to its size, it makes it perfect for travelling with as it is easy to pack away without being too bulky.

Perfect for Beginners

Its slender size makes it very accessible and inviting to beginners. Some of the review available are from beginners. They seem to love it! Below are some of the comments:

“I bought this one mainly because i read the reviews and everyone said it was a good first time rabbit and omg it blew my mind! Best orgasm yet!”

“This is the first EVER vibrator and it was extremely good size wise, if i had used a bigger one at first it would have been overwhelming. In terms of quietness, the rotation is not the quietest but the vibrations are.
Overall I would recommend it for first timers!”

“…The toy itself is soft, smooth and very powerful. I’m a first timer and for me personally it’s the best toy for the first time. The rotating balls are a little loud but the vibrating bunny ears are amazing. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone especially first timers… Enjoy :)”


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little slim silicone ann summers rabbit vibe


Customer Opinions

  • Average [Rating: 4/5]


  • Quietness [Rating: 3.2/5]
  • Power [Rating: 4.3/5]
  • Orgasm [Rating: 4.3/5]
  • Quality [Rating: 4.5/5]

Overall Customers loved the Little Slim One.


  • Perfect for Beginners

This seems very much a beginner vibrator as most customers were beginners.

“…this was my first toy and i was a little unsure about using it, but now that i have, i’m hooked and want more”

“I wanted to buy my first sex-toy, so I looked around fore something for me and I found R.Rabbits. I couldn’t chose between some models, but finally I decided to buy the little slim one. It was GOOOOOOOD choice! :D”

“It’s fantastic! the clit stimulator is amazing! The beads inside make rotation and it’s quite cool, but little too loud for me. I can use that option only when I’m home alone. But, anyway, it’s PERFECT for firs timers!
The size is almost perfect (sometimes I feel, that I’d have something bigger, but generally size is ideal) .I was really afraid to start using any toys but now I’m in it! I’m going to buy much more stuff! 😀
I can really recommend that one!!!”


  • Perfect for travelling

If you need something to travel with but do not want to take your bigger rabbit vibe, this is a great solution to that. It is small and easily tucked away.

  • Powerful

Many customers found it to be very powerful and loved it.

“Brill for beginners. Very powerful.”

” It’s discreet and powerful and easily makes me reach orgasm”

“The vibration in the ears feel so powerful and wonderful,”

  • Good Size

Many customers liked the sized of it and found it to be perfect.

“It is a perfect size and I wish I had bought it sooner.”

  • Smooth

Many customers loves the smooth exterior of the Little Slim One.


  • Rotating Beads

Quite a few customers commented on how much they liked the rotating beads in the shaft.

“…the rotating part around the shaft is really effective and can hit those ‘hard to hit’ areas…”

“…but the speed settings are fantastic as are the rotating beads!”

“…The rotating head is great while moving or thrusting…”

“The rotating shaft has lovely beads on which give a great internal massage”


  • Not Satisfying

Some customers didn’t find the Little Slim Silicone vibe to be powerful enough.  They found it weak and unfortunately unsatisfying.

“…it was disappointing because it never satisfied me even when it was on the highest setting”

“…This rabbit is weak in power the clitoris stimulator is not strong enough to do the job”

“…it is just nowhere near powerful enough…”


  • Noisy

It would appear this one is a little noisy!

“…the noise the beads made was off putting too.”

“…It was sooooo noisy…”

“…i wanted it to drive me to distraction, not distract me with its whirring!!!
i really wish i had asked about the noise while instore….”

“…The noise of the rotation just put me off at the crucial moment but the ears are really good”

“Very very noisy ..”


  • Size

Some customers just felt it could either have more girth or more length. The size wasn’t to everyone’s pleasing.

  • Rotating Beads

While some loved the rotating beads, other found them to not do very much.

“rotating beads did nothing for me”

“can’t really feel the rotating beads only in very small part of the shaft.”

One customer however found them too be a little TOO much:

“However found that the rotating beads were a bit too much for me”



Overall the Little Slim Silicone rampant rabbit is perfect for beginners, for travelling with or for those who want something small in size. There are lots of reviews that rate it very highly and this is a great confirmation to how good this sex toy is. It is very small, slim and made from beautiful silicone. Overall we think this one is a winner.

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rampant rabbit starter kitMy Rabbit Set

my rabbit set starter kit

Why not treat yourself to the My Rabbit Set that includes the Little Slim One? You also get batteries, lube and cleaning wipes to clear up afterwards.  A great little starter set for yourself or a friend/girlfriend.


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