Classic Female Sex Toys Bundle

classic female sex toys bundleBondara is known for offering a wide variety of sex toys for both beginners and sex toy connoisseurs alike. Their Bargain Female Sex Toys bundle has already proven popular with newcomers or those wishing to branch out a little. The Classic Female Sex Toys Bundle retailed at around £14 more expensive than the Bargain Female Sex Toys Bundle at £38.99. Let’s see what is included in the package:


Classic Female Sex Toys Bundle Details:

  • One soft touch Orgasm Love Balls (pink)
  • One Aquagasmic Double Pleasure rabbit (pink)
  • One Rampant Love Egg
  • One 150ml Bondara Luxury Lubricant
  • One 150ml Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner
  • Love balls and rabbit both waterproof, Love Egg splash proof only

What you get

aquagasmic double pleasure rabbit vibratorsoft touch orgasm love ballsrampant love eggsex toy cleanerbondara luxury lubricant

Seemingly, what you get is an update on Bondara’s Bargain Female Sex Toys Bundle only with the replacement of the cheaper bundle’s love bullet with the Rampant Love Egg. The entire package comes with an extra added Sex Toy cleaner too as well as united in an attractive and very girly shade of powder pink. All things considered, there isn’t much to separate the Bargain from the Classic bundle at first glance in terms of price or content. So the inevitable question must be asked: is this bundle really worth the extra?

Rampant Love Egg

rampant love eggThe main difference between the Bargain and Classic bundles has to be the inclusion of the Love Egg. The Love Egg replaces the Bargain’s popular best seller the O-orgasmic vibrating bullet. The bullet receives great reviews across the board both as part of the package or purchased alone. So how does the Love Egg match up?

To start with, the Love Egg is bigger than the bullet. The bullet stands at 3 inches in length while the Egg is 3.5 inches. The real difference comes in the circumference however. The Egg is 4 inches – a whole three inches wider than the bullet. For more experienced users or those who enjoy a larger girth to their sex toys, the Love Egg certainly wins out. Furthermore, the Love Egg has much more ease of control than the simpler design of a bullet vibrator. Designed for deep penetration, this little Egg comes with a vibrating tail and remote control. Meaning that while your egg is inserted for deep penetration, the tail rests over your clitoris to stimulate. The little egg has multi speed capabilities and comes with a free set of batteries. Recommended for vaginal, nipple and even anal stimulation, this little vibrator has many fans:

“It’s an egg that fits inside me, and I also use it on his nipples (and mine). So ticklish! Lots of uses for this vibrating egg.”
Says Joy

“This little love egg is incredibly cheap. I couldn’t pass it up. It’s also made of loveskin which feels so very soft. This egg works well inside me, on my clit, on my nipples, and on lots of other places. I like to use it with other vibrators. The vibrations run the range from gentle to intense and I like ’em all!”
– says Eve

“This cheap little love egg packs a wallop with its intense vibrations. I get clit, taint, anal, and vaginal stimulation from this love egg. Even the tail flickers!”
– says Mae

“This soft Loveskin egg was a birthday gift from my sweetie. She knows just what I like! She has one, too , and we use both together.”
– says another satisfied user (all reviews taken from

On the whole, this Egg has proven a popular choice. Retailing at only £7.99 alone, as part of the Classic bundle this wonderful addition stands up to the Bargain’s Love Bullet and then some.

Soft Touch Orgasm Love Balls

soft touch orgasm love ballsAgain, the Classic attempts an upgrade to the Bargain bundle replacing the X-orgasmic Love Balls with the ‘Soft touch’ variation. With the Bargain’s cheaper alternative proving highly popular among users, the Soft Touch has a lot to live up to.

Retailing at £7.99, these Love Balls are identical to the X-Orgasmic variation in size (7 inches length including retrieval string), 1 ¼ inches circumference per ball) and weight (52.5g). However, the quality is arguably better in the soft touch PU material versus the cheaper version’s plastic and therefore more comfortable to wear in – a definite advantage over the cheaper plastic version given that these and other Ben Wa balls are often touted to those who wish to wear them for day long stimulation. These too feature the sensitive non-battery orientated vibrating movements given from smaller balls on the inside walls of the Love Balls. A popular product on Bondara alone, check out what this satisfied customer has to say:

“So, I got these as a gift, walking around I wasn’t massively impressed, they felt okay, but there wasn’t a wow factor. Then later that night!! OMG, the results showed, the orgasm was unreal…!!”
– says one user on

These balls certainly work quietly enough for daily use but are effective enough to provide sensitive intercourse later on. Definitely a plus.

Aquagasmic Double Pleasure Rabbit

aquagasmic double pleasure rabbit vibratorThis latex and phthalate free rabbit is made of jelly rubber and stands at 8 ½ inches long with a total 5 inches of insertable length available. It also boasts a multi speed twin pair of vibrators – one in the shaft of your rabbit and the other in the clitoral stimulator. It has a flexible head and is around 1.5 inches in circumference. This rabbit is an attractive little beast, coming in a powder pink shade to match the rest of the Classic bundle though is sold separately at £13.99 and available in pink or purple. It is a classic rabbit shape, much like the Jessica Rabbit included in the Bargain bundle.

It certainly proves upon the Bargain alternative in terms of looks and has dual, separately controlled motors which certainly lend it more versatility than a single speed motor. Additionally, a ‘nightlight’ is present in the base for discreet night time fun! Promising intense orgasms and deep penetration, customers reviewed this product with an average of five stars:

“I simply adore my double pleasure rabbit. The multi-speed vibrations feel very good, and the little clit stimulator finds my clit with no trouble.”
Says Andrea on,/a> (all reviews taken from this source)

“She has her own waterproof rabbit and now I have mine. This one even has a little light on it so we can see it in the dark. It gets dark around here on the farm fast. This vibe is not expensive at all either. I love rabbits. The clit stimulation is incredible and the internal massage is to die for. This is a cracking sex toy!”
Says one satisfied user

“With its easy to use controls, light-up function and wide range of vibration, the Aquagasmic Double Pleasure Rabbit was a definite winner for me. Its classic shape and sturdy shaft allow for a satisfying experience without the need for overly-complicated functions. While many rabbit vibrators have disappointed me when it comes to the shape of their shafts, the Aquamasmics is perfect for deep penetration without the worry of breaking a rotating function by getting carried away”
Says Llellsee

“this is fab! i love how the bunny ears get my clit perfectly and the internal massage gives me amazing orgasms”
Says Becky

“I bought this one over another. I can honestly say that i orgasmed more than once and the final one left my knees shaking….best night i have had in a long time!!! ha!!”
Says another customer

Again, many users appear to have been newcomers to rabbits who tried this product. However, it does have rave reviews particularly for the strength of the vibrations and the power. The clitoral stimulation is also highly praised though some might find the circumference a little light at just over an inch. A good, sturdy performer which also comes with its own free batteries.


Both the Rabbit vibrator and Love balls are fully waterproof meaning that they can be submersed for bath or shower time. This also lends them to greater ease of cleaning. Only the Egg is splash proof.


bondara luxury lubricantsex toy cleaner

The Bundle also comes with Bondara’s own branded Luxury lubricant (150ml) and sex toy cleaner (150ml) – both worth £7.99 each. These nice little extras make for easy use and cleaning of your toys and with only a small amount of each needed should last for a little while. The toys, when sold separately, also claim to come with free batteries. This isn’t made entirely clear in the bundle’s description so it might be worth giving Bondara support a poke if you’re concerned about having your Bundle ready to go.

Newcomer Friendly

Yes, yes and yes! Again, many users commented that particularly the rabbit and Love Egg were popular due to their low price and non-intimidating appearance. The rabbit is quite slender at 1.5 inches circumference and both are skin safe and ideal for first time users or those with specific latex allergies. The controls are simple and batteries easy to insert.

More experienced users will enjoy the Love balls and Egg undoubtedly though the smaller rabbit might not satisfy. However, with the Love Balls and Egg retailing at £7.99 each along with the cleaning fluid and lubricant, buying these four products alone would set you back £32.99. With the Rabbit included in your package at £38.99, you are essentially getting a good quality addition worth £13.99 for a mere six pounds. Go all in and buy the bundle since this fun little rabbit would make a good back up for your main attraction.

Where To Buy

classic femalesex toys bundle


The Classic Female Sex Toys Bundle certainly improves on its predecessor, the Bargain Bundle. The Love Egg and Love Balls update the package nicely and provide that extra added comfort and flexibility to kick start or add to your experiences with sex toys. The real improvement comes in the inclusion of the Double Pleasure Rabbit which knocks the Jessica Rabbit out of the ball park with the extra stimulation, vibrating options and waterproof capabilities. However, if you’re a seasoned pro buying purely for the rabbit, you might wish to look into a more sturdy option alone.

Those dipping their toes in or looking for a cheap replacement or addition of the Love Balls and Egg for their collection won’t be disappointed. Another great value for money bundle by Bondara.