The Thrusting One by Ann Summers

thrusting one by ann summersAnn Summers was the first to bring thrusting technology to the vibrator world with the Thrusting Rampant Rabbit and they didn’t fail to deliver with it. Being one of the most popular and best selling rampant rabbit vibrators available, many other companies have mimicked and created their own thrusting rabbits.


The Thrusting One Details

  • Thrusting technology
  • 3 thrusting modes
  • 3 intense vibrations
  • 6 inch length
  • 5 inch girth
  • Waterproof
  • Latex/Phthalates free

Thrusting Rampant Rabbit

The Thrusting One has thrusting technology so powerful that it feels like the real thing. The thrusting combined with the bunny ears gives you the bets orgasm yet.

3 Thrusting Modes

It comes with 3 thrusting modes so you can increase in intensity of thrust or slow it down when you need to.

3 Intense Vibration Settings

Although the thrusting part of this rabbit vibe is the star, we can’t forget about its beautiful bunny ears for perfect clit stimulation. You get 3 intense vibration settings to mix it up a little.

6 Inch Length

The Thrusting One has a 6 inch insertable length which is plenty for most people.

5 Inch Girth

With a 5 inch girth, this vibe is thick!


Being fully waterproof, the Thruster can be taken into the show/bath or Jacuzzi with you.  It also makes cleaning easy too.

Latex & Phthalates Free

The Thrusting One by Ann Summers is made from materials that are latex and phthalates free.

Where to Buy

the thrusting one ann summers

Customer Opinions

There are a mixture of views for this one.  Generally most customers absolutely loved it but it had some flaws which are noted below.


Here are just some of the positive reviews for the Thrusting One.

“1st vibrator I’ve ever owned and to be honest it’s gave me more pleasure then some of men I’ve slept with have.”

“We have found it to be amazing, my boyfriend loves the reaction he gets outta me when we use this far its EPIC!!!!!!!!”

“I would recommend this product to ANYONE, it is absolutely superb. I managed to achieve my first orgasm after about 5 years of sexual activity using this! I LOVE IT.”

“Omg this is AMAZING….it’s my first rabbit and I am soooooo happy I purchased it. I’ve never had such a stimulating orgasm although on the point of climax the tightening muscles stops the thrust but the rabbit clit stimulator still makes it intense. Would deffo recommend…ladies this is my best friend.x.”

“just lie back and let the thruster take you into orbit. highly recommended”


  • Powerful Clit Stimulation

Many customers commented on the clit stimulation, saying they are powerful and amazing.

“… the ears are amazing they give me such a powerful orgasm I cant help but let it all out.”


  • The Thrusting

Customers loved the thrusting technology and got a lot of pleasure and orgasm out of it!

“…as an experienced user the thruster is the best bar none!!!”

“The thrusting really adds to the overall experience. “

“… the thrusting part of this rabbit literally blew me away. the power of the ears is insane, i’ve never felt anything like it.”


  • Size

Many customers loved the size – it is on the larger size.


  • Noise

Many customers complained about the noise, although some customers pointed out that the Thrusting One isn’t as noisy as other rabbit vibes they had experienced.

  • Motor Breaking

Many customers have pointed out that although this is a great vibrator, the motor for the thrusting part keeps breaking and they have to keep replacing their vibe.


The Thrusting One Video


If you are looking for a vibe that brings you closer to the “real thing”, then this is the vibe for you.  With its thrusting technology and 3 settings to speed up/slow it down, you couldn’t really ask for more.  Customer reviews are mixed but this is generally down to the motor breaking in the vibrator as opposed to its ability to please.  Ann Summers are good at handling these issues so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a replacement if things go wrong.