GSpot Hunter

gspot hunter The transparent pink G-spot Hunter rabbit is curved to hit your G-spot at the tip while the rabbit-eared clitoral stimulator works externally for blended orgasms. The Hunter has a dual vibrating motors in the shaft and clitoral arms. They also have multi-speed settings to make you squirm. Here are its vital statistics:


  • Transparent pink jelly rubber
  • no latex or phthalates
  • Multi-speed dual vibrator
  • Insertable length: 5 inches
  • Total length: 7 inches
  • Circumference: 1.5 inches
  • Flexible head
  • Waterproof and fully submersible
  • Battery powered – AAA ( supplies these free when you buy from here)

What you get

The Hunter Rabbit is specially curved inwards to hit your seek and stimulate your G-spot with the bulbous tip while the rabbit ears massage your clitoris. Furthermore, in each arm, the vibrator has dual vibrating motors (one in the shaft and one in the clit stim). This rabbit is also one hundred percent waterproof, meaning you can take it along to the bath or shower. Additionally, will provide the batters for your toy when you purchase from their online store.

Size and Shape

At five inches in width and 1.5 inches in diameter this vibrator is the standard size of rabbits of this kind. It is smooth with a curved inwardly pointing tip, giving the G-spot hunter its name. It contains no ridges or nodules for a smoother ride .As the shaft is slimmer, this also gives users the opportunity to test the flexible head to seek out their G-spot. Will you find yours with it? These users certainly have:

“This is amazing! Never come so fast using it! if you’re single get it! You don’t need a man with this! & Very powerful!!”
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“Totally amazing!”
– this user agrees

A very delectably designed toy that promises to deliver, the G-spot is a staunch design that will have you squirming for more!


The G-spot Hunter is made from TPE Pink Jelly Rubber and is free from latex or phthalate properties. This is ideal for those with allergies or more sensitive girls. This toy should be well lubricated to avoid any drag.


The Hunter contains dual motor technology to provide and distribute powerful vibrations. What’s more, the Hunter boasts multiple speeds, powerful enough to make you tremble. These vibrations are controlled via the base of your toy while the motors are located in the clit stim and main shaft of your toy for maximum distribution to both your erogenous zones. Fans of more powerful, direct vibrations will certainly be a fan of this.


This vibrator is prone to many inherent problems of multi-speed vibrators including an increase in noise levels on the higher settings. Field test alone if in a house share or switch on some background noise if this is a concern when using this toy.


The Hunter is battery powered and not rechargeable. These batteries are available free when you order direct from

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The Hunter is fully waterproof and submersible meaning that you can take your new favourite vibrator to the bath or shower. What’s more, this has the advantage of making your rabbit easier to clean.

Pro and newbie friendly?

This rabbit is ideal for those looking to experiment with G-spot penetration. It is slimmer and flexible in order for more detailed penetrative play and therefore a little more comfortable for the newbie. It might also be a little lacking for some pros for this reason. Size queens need not apply.


Waterproof, multi-speed and well designed to hit your sweet spots, this vibrator shows great promise. However, the vibrator is allergy friendly making it applicable to a wider range of users. Size queens may be slightly disappointed in the width of the Hunter though newcomers will love the versatility this vibrator will offer to them. A solid, well priced G-spot vibe ideal for the newbie and a valid option for more experienced users.