The Mini One

the mini one by ann summers rampant rabbitThis little pocket-sized vibrator is one of the popular Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit range. Known for their silky smooth vibrators and newcomer friendly approach, The Mini One offers the functionality of the original rabbit vibes at half the size.


The Mini One by Ann Summers Details:

  • Miniature rabbit vibrator – compact at only 3 inches in length
  • Seven vibrating settings
  • Waterproof
  • Classic rabbit-style design in miniature
  • Vibe bag half price when you buy any selected rabbit
  • Multi use as a clitoral massager or deep internal massager
  • Ergonomically designed shape, gently rippled and smooth texture
  • Attractive shade of hot pink, typical of the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit range
  • Battery operated
  • Ideal for a first timer.


With few reviews of this product around as it is a new vibrator, it has to be said: in order to get a clear picture of this particular vibrator, let’s look at its predecessors. Typically, rabbits in Ann Summers’ Rampant Rabbit range pack a punch when it comes to their vibrating motors. If the reviews for the Mini One’s bigger sister, the Silicone One, are anything to go by, girls looking for powerful vibrations might just be in luck:

“It has some pretty nifty ears of various speeds and pulses which is amazing!!!!”
– says one user on—black/07scnras1082006

“The ears r so powerful!! as powerful as the ‘powerful one’“
– says fgirl from the same source

Generally, Summers Rampant Rabbit range are renowned for their power and with seven vibrating settings available at the click of a single button, vibrations are not only powerful but varied, easy access and easy to use.


New Reviews of the Mini One:

Currently there is only 1 review of The Mini One which says:

“It’s true all good things come in small packages. It might be mini but the targeted power has a massive effect!!”

This certainly gives a promising picture of the power and wonder of this new little bunny.


One common complaint of mini rabbit vibrators in particular is this: why buy a three inch rabbit vibrator for so much more money when a perfectly good, cheaper alternative bullet is available? Well, it’s all a matter of preference really. Standing at three inches, this particular vibrator isn’t going to send you soaring if you prefer deeper penetration, nor will this vibrator be anatomically correct for the dual stimulation most girlies require. However, as with Fun Factory’s MINI rabbit range of a similar size, these pocket sized vibes are good for more than one thing, dual prongs and all. Useful for powerful clitoral, vaginal or even nipple and anal stimulation, this fairly inexpensive vibrator is a lot less ‘rabbit’ and a lot more ‘roaming’. Travel sized, beautifully designed and coming with the acclaimed soft, smooth design of the RR series, if you’re looking for a miniature alternative to The Silicone One, The Powerful One or any other Ann Summers’ favourites, this one is certainly for you.


The Rampant Rabbit range is known for being quiet but not silent. This mostly has to do with the power packed into their motors and while most may comment on the not entirely silent nature of these toys, nearly all will amend that the noise is neither unbearable or excessive. It really does depend on how discreet you plan on being, however, generally a good holder in this category.


The Mini One is nothing if not discreet. That it is fully waterproof coupled with its size makes it ideal for bath time or shower fun. This also makes it exceptionally easy to clean too.


The Mini One is 100% silicone. For this reason it is allergy-friendly since it contains no latex or phthalates. Silicone-based toys are also non-porous and unlikely to maintain any unpleasant odours when regularly washed after use. For storage, you might want to consider a half price bag to store your toy in (offered as part of a deal on Ann Summers website with this toy) or wrap it up in a cool, dry space. Additionally, when using silicone toys such as this one, remember to use a good water-based lubricant to get the most out of your playtime!


The mini is battery powered and not rechargeable. The battery life on the RR range is generally quite good so this shouldn’t be a problem for users planning on taking the Mini One out of town for a few days.

Newcomer Friendly?

Yes. The Mini One is easy to operate, clean and works as a good teasing massager or general introduction to vibrators. The price is right, the settings it contains are various and petite enough for use on sensitive ladies.

For pros, this massager might be worth a look, however, more seasoned users unsure of their choice might want to consider a comparison with the Fun Factory BiMINI range for a bit more of a focused play experience. This range is a little bit more powerful than tht RR and might provide a bit more of a kick for pros. Plus, the extra pounds might be better invested in this range if you prefer a rechargeable vibrator if you plan on making your mini vibrator a regular feature in your playtimes.

Where To Buy

This Mini Rampant Rabbit of course can be bought straight from Ann Summers.

the mini one by ann summers


To conclude, this particular vibrator has, like many mini vibrators before it one purpose and one only: versatility. It delivers: it is petite, powerful, made of high quality materials and non-threatening to the newcomer. A good solid addition to the Ann Summers range and a potentially interesting addition to your toy chest. Recommended for a newcomer or as an extra added option to a pro user’s existing collection.