The Moregasm One

the moregasm rampant rabbitIn case you somehow missed it, Ann Summers have released a ‘Moregasm’ range, which boasts the ability to give you the most intense orgasm of your life – guaranteed. Within the range there is a cock ring, rabbit ears, g-spot vibrator and of course a Rampant Rabbit! Here at Rabbit Vibrator Heaven, we were fortunate enough to be given one to try out for a fair and honest review. Below is everything you need to know about the new Rampant Rabbit that promises more than any other rabbit vibe ever has.


The Moregasm Rampant Rabbit Details:

  • Climax technology
  • 3 pulses (for both shaft and ears)
  • 3 speed settings (for both shaft and ears)
  • 4.5 inch insertable length
  • 4 inch circumference
  • Rechargeable (USB)
  • G spot targeted
  • Made from silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Money back guarantee.

What You Get

You get a wonderful smooth silicone rabbit vibrator with curved tip, a USB lead and a booklet so you know how to use it (I certainly needed the booklet!)

rampant rabbit moregasm one

Climax Technology

Climax technology is exclusive to Ann Summers and their Moregasm range. It involves a new type of motor that works by sending “powerful, low-frequency waves of vibrations deep into your body”. This means the vibrations travel further and can reach twice as many nerve endings compared to other toys on the market. THIS is why Ann Summers’ boasts your BEST orgasm ever, or your money back.

Ann Summers tested this technology out on a group of women. They found:

  • 96% achieved an orgasm
  • 92% claimed they had their deepest, longest climax with Moregasm then other toys
  • 75% felt the vibrations as far up as their chest and as low as their knees/toes
  • 94% said they would recommend

It certainly has a lot to live up to. Let’s see if it does!


There are 2 buttons – one to control the ears and one to control the shaft vibrations. Both have the same range of options.

3 settings for a standard vibration, one weak (well weak in comparison to the others 😉 ), one middle and one intense. Then there are 3 pattern settings, “pulse, pulse, pulse” which is fast and then a slower one. Then lastly “pulse, pulse, dash” repetition to mix it up. I really don’t like pulsation settings on any vibrator. This set up is the same for both the ears and the shaft.

The ear vibrations are quite typical overall and nothing different, in my opinion, to other vibrator bunny ears. Where the Moregasm Rabbit comes into its element is the shaft. The vibrations on the highest setting are overwhelmingly intense and the combination of ear and shaft vibrations is amazing.

Intense Shaft Vibrations

The highest intensity setting for the shaft is overwhelming (the lowest setting is quite nice too). It is much stronger than any other Rabbit I have come across so far, which makes it very impressive indeed. The sensation you get from it DOES feel like you are being hit over a wider area than you would with a normal bunny. I didn’t find this extended to my chest or toes though but I did feel it encompassed a greater area than other models. I am not sure if this is down to the “technology” or purely because it has very intense vibrations in the shaft. One the lowest setting it feels heavenly – and alone is enough without needing to intensify it.

My experience with other models is, that the bunny ears have intensity but the shaft falls short of being anything great. This DOESN’T fall short and is perfect. There is definitely room to build up to the highest intensity.


The controls are interesting and to be honest I couldn’t work it out without looking at the instructions! The “R” has all the controls on. You press in the “circle” part of the R to turn it on. You press and hold. With the “R” facing downwards (as this is how it is on the vibrator) the left leg of the R gives you the bunny ear functions and the right leg of the “R” gives you the shaft functions.

controls of moregasm rabbit

My only problem with the controls is that if you decided you only wanted the bunny ears on during use, you would have to turn the whole thing off to achieve it. The button just cycles through the vibration/pulse settings without an option to stop it.

USB Rechargeable

moregasm charging port

The Moregasm bunny comes with a USB lead with jackpin that plugs into a port on the bunny. The port on the toy is “silicone sealed” to ensure that the toy remains waterproof when you are not charging it. When you take the lead out the silicone “closes up” again to ensure this.

I adore that its rechargeable but plugging it into my laptop to charge doesn’t appeal to me. I fortunately have a plug that lets you plug USB leads into it so this isn’t a problem.
When you plug it in, the “R” has a light come on – which flashes, letting you know it is charging.

usb charging rampant rabbit

Insertable Length and Circumference

On Ann Summers’ site it claims 5 inches of insertable length. I measured mine and it was closer to 4.5 inches.
The circumference was 4 inches, which is more suitable for those who prefer a thinner shaft. This seems quite standardfor Ann Summers though unless its one of their slimmer models. I much prefer a thicker shaft but in this case, the vibrations more than make up for this.

length of the moregasm rabbitgirth of the moregasm rabbit


This vibrator has a beautiful feel to it. It is made from silicone that is REALLY soft and smooth. I love just holding it!


I think it’s quite quiet for something with such power. I wouldn’t use it if others were in other rooms of the house though as I would be concerned that the vibrations would travel! I think it is as quiet as it can be. There are much noisier models on the market and I like that this one is somewhat quiet in comparison to those that have less power.

Things I like

  • It’s rechargeable
  • The shaft vibrations are intense
  • The shaft vibrations cover a greater surface area on the body
  • The smooth silky silicone feel of it.

Things I don’t Like

  • You can’t turn the shaft or ear off separately without turning the whole thing off.
  • USB isn’t really my thing but easy to get over.
  • Could have a thicker shaft

Money Back Guarantee

Ann Summers are so confident in their new range that it comes with a money back guarantee. If you aren’t “deeply satisfied”, you get a full refund. Considering the hefty price tag of £70, that is a wonderful assurance to have on a toy.


I don’t say this often but this is amazing. If you only bought one rabbit this would probably be your best choice.



the box of moregasm vibrator boxopened