Little Shaking One by Ann Summers

little shaking slim rabbit vibrator ann summersThe Little Shaking One is a small powerful vibrator designed by Ann Summers.  It has a slim small body that is popular with beginners.  It also has plenty of variation in settings and a curved tip to make it easy to target your g spot..

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Little Shaking One Details

  • Small, slim body
  • 4 inches insertable length
  • Slightly wider than a 2 pence coin
  • Curved bumpy tip
  • 2 vibrating motors
  • 11 vibration settings
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for travelling, beginners, those who like small/slim


Small, Slim Body

If you prefer small more delicate vibrators then this will please you.  It has a 4 inch long body and a slim girth.  It is just a little wider than a 2 pence piece.  Many beginners prefer to have something smaller to start out with and this has been designed with that in mind.  >It has also taken note that many users like to travel with a smaller version of their fave vibe.

11 Vibration Settings

Ann Summers description of this little number has changed slightly.  Originally it stated there were 12 settings.  4 were pulse settings for the shaft, 4 pulse patterns for the ears and 4 speed settings for the ears too. It seems now the description is 11 settings but it doesn’t tell you much more than this.

From looking at the controls there is a + to increase vibrations and a – to decrease.  There is a third button that has an 8F on it.  It can only be assumed this is how you change from the shaft to the vibration.

This is a great range of settings to play around with compared to most that come with only around 4 different variations overall.

Curved Tip

The tip is curved but also has little bumps on it for extra and varied sensation to the g spot.  According to Ann Summers the bumps are designed to massage your g spot.


Ann Summer’s prides itself on a range of rampant rabbits that are quiet so you can be discreet when playing.


To add another element of fun, it is completely waterproof.

Perfect for Beginners

Many beginners worry about size and tend to want a smaller model to start out with.  This one is nice and slim and has a nice variation on settings.  The controls are simple too so there is no worry of confusion or feeling overwhelmed.

Perfect for Travelling

Many users prefer to take a smaller version of their vibrator with them when travelling, instead of taking their “home” one.  The size of this one is perfect for just that.

Latex & Phthalate Free

If you are worried about “toxic” plastic or have allergies, then its useful to know that the Little Shaking One is free from latex and phthalate.  It uses skin safe TPE.

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Customer Opinions

Overall the vibrator has great reviews, but it isn’t without its negatives.  The verage rating is 4 out of 5.  Ann Summers has some other ratings on their website too.>  For power and quality it has an average of just over 4 out of 5.  For orgasm it has a rating of 4 out of 5 and for Quietness it has just over a 3 out of 5.  This implies there maybe issues with its noise!  For further information looking at the reviews has been helpful.  Below are both positive and negative opinions.


  • Noise:  Many customers say that there is barely any noise – so exactly what is advertised.
  • Size: Customers found the size to be perfect and were happy with their purchase.
  • Good for beginners: Many beginners chose this as their first and were happy they did
  • .Bumps:  Some customers like the added feature of the bumps.
  • Shaft:  Many customers said that the shaft was powerful/intense and found this one of the best things about it.


  • Noise:  Many reviews stated that the vibrator wasn’t as quiet as they thought it was going to be.  One commented that putting the TV on was enough to cover the noise, while others found that they would not be comfortable using it with others in the house.  It seems from reading some of the comments that it is the shaft that is the noisy part.  If you are just using the ears its very quiet.
  • Power:  Some reviews say that the ears are not very strong even at the highest settings.  If you have both the ears and shaft on the ears are even less powerful – the vibrator can’t cope.
  • Ears: As well as the ears lacking power, many reviewers commented that they weren’t quite in the right place.  Some said they move out of position and are too soft.
  • Bumps: Some customers didn’t like the bumps on the tip of the shaft.  One customer found them uncomfortable and another said that it was fine once inserted, but the bumps made insertion uncomfortable.
  • Not so great for beginners?:  Some beginners were disappointed with the Shaking One.  Some found it too small, didn’t like the ears and found them to lack power
  • >No Off Switch:  Some reviews commented they didn’t like the fact there was no off switch.  In order to turn it off you have to cycle through the settings.  This meant if they needed to be quick about shutting it off they couldn’t.

Despite mixed reviews on this one, it still seems to have more positives than negatives.  Hopefully this information will help you decide if this is the right vibrator for you.

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The Little Shaking One is waterproof, slim and a great starting point for new comers to the rabbit world.  It has both positive and negative reviews but overall has an average rating of 4 out of 5.

Ann Summer’s states the Little Shaking vibrator is quiet, but there are mixed reviews on the validity of this statement.

Overall though it seems like a great starting point for a newbie or if you are experienced, its perfect if you want something small.

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Little Shaking One Video

Too busy to read the review?  This quick video (with funky music 🙂 ) gives a quick overview of the features of this small rabbit vibe.