The Expanding One by Ann Summers

the expanding one by ann summersThe Expanding One by Ann Summers is the latest model of rabbit vibrator from Ann Summers. Most rampant rabbits focus on how long they are but this one is different. Instead of focus on length, its sole focus on girth.


  • Expanding girth
  • 7 ear functions
  • 4 girth functions
  • 3 inflation modes
  • Silicone/ABS
  • Splashproof

Expanding Girth

The concept for this one is a beautiful expanding girth. The girth expands up to just over 6 inches circumference wide.


This one has several functions. You have 7 speed settings for great intensity in the bunny ears. You also have 4 shaft settings too and then 3 inflation modes for the expanding girth.

7 Ear Functions

The rabbit ears have 7 settings so you can really increase the intensity of them. This is a great range of settings compared to many other models that only give you 3 speed setting options.

Girth Functions

According to Ann Summers, you get 4 shaft settings as well as 3 inflation modes. The shaft settings

3 Inflation Modes

There are 3 inflation modes to choose from when expanding the girth of your vibe. The vibrator girth can expand to just over 6 inches!

6.2 Inch Girth

Ann Summers states the diameter of this one is 0-2 inches. With that in mind, at its biggest this one should be around 6.2 inches in girth.


Ann Summers aren’t very specific on this one. They just state 5-7 inches. This is fairly standard sizing.

Made from Silicone

The Expanding One is made from silicone and has a beautiful soft smooth touch. The base where the controls are is made from ABS plastic.


Unlike Ann Summers other rampant rabbits, this one is only splashproof.


4 x AA batteries are needed and they are not included in your purchase.

Where to Buy

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Customer Reviews

There are now a couple of reviews for this.

“I recently bought this rabbit in store and it BLEW MY MIND. I wanted something with a long length and the inflatable shaft is delightfully satisfying. The ears are extremely powerful and find it a perfect balance between the two. BEST RABBIT YET!”

“Ok so we’re all different sizes inside aren’t we. This feels huge in you when it expands, it really pushes and I liked that a LOT”

One customer comments that the length is a potential problem.  They found it to be too long because of the huge girth.  As a result they couldn’t get the ears to reach properly.


This one is a little more complex in nature so we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. The unique selling point: the expanding shaft – may be too much for a beginner. There are also quite a few functions, which also may make a beginner feel overwhelmed.

Perfect for Experienced Users

This one is perfect for those experienced in the world of vibrators. If you want some new to add to your collection this may just fit the bill. The expanding shaft is certainly something you won’t find anywhere else.


The Expanding vibrator brings something new to the table. There isn’t anything else quite like this on the market, which makes it extremely exciting. So if you want to try out something new then buy it now!

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