Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit

ultimate rechargeable rabbit vibratorA featured, popular product on stockist Bondara.co.uk, the Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit is a waterproof, rechargeable luxury vibrator. Available at £39.99 from Bondara.co.uk. Here are its vital statistics:


Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator Details

  • Medical grade silicone material
  • Silky, smooth and flexible surface and feel
  • Rechargeable – promises up to four hours of playtime
  • Waterproof
  • Sleek Purple body
  • 7.5 inches long, 4.5 of which are insertable
  • 10 pleasure settings
  • 1.5 inch largest circumference
  • Rabbit design
  • Comes with UK mains charger

What do you get?

The Ultimate RR comes with waterproof capabilities, a UK mains charger promising an impressive four hours of run time and is made from medical grade silicone, making it hygienic, non porous and easy to clean. The unique design of the Ultimate RR deviates slightly from the classic rabbit design though it does boast a clitoral stem and slightly curved G-spot reaching head. Controls for the Ultimate RR are rather straight forward, with two located on the inner handle of the toy. The vibrating functions number ten different settings including different speeds and intensities. This rabbit comes with a UK mains charger.


As mentioned, the Ultimate RR boasts ten settings of different intensity and vibrating patterns. The controls are also fairly straight forward and easy to use with one button to switch your toy on or off and the other to cycle through the various settings. Both the contoured bulbous head (curved for G-spot stimulation) and the secondary clitoral arm distribute the vibrations evenly, working in unison to provide the dual stimulation rabbits are famous for. The design mirrors many of the luxury high end vibes out there such as Swan Vibes or LELO though, unlike some luxury vibrators of its kind, the arm cannot be independently controlled. With so many options to choose from and retailing on Bondara.co.uk, the Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit hops in front of its competitors at a great value £39.99. Considering most rabbits of this calibre start at £49.99, that’s an amazing reduction of ten pounds. Let’s see what these customers have to say:

“. The silicone is really soft and the clit stimulator and the head are really flexible”
– says one happy user on http://www.bondara.co.uk/reviews?id=ultimate-rechargeable-rabbit-waterproof

“The powerful motor is certain to send you into a frenzy soon enough, whether using externally or internally, you’ll soon be heading for those balmy heights of climax.”
– says another reviewer on http://www.dildoreview.co.uk/Dildo-detail/ultimate-rechargeable-waterproof-rabbit/

The motor is certainly powerful enough but how about the Ultimate RR’s unique bulbous contoured shape? Are the two a match made in heaven?

Shape and Material

The Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit is made from medical-grade silicone meaning that it is non-porous, easy to clean and typically won’t leave you with an unpleasant stench to clear up. Silicone toys are also known for their smooth texture though do require plenty of water based lubrication during use.

The shape itself is quite unusual, curved inwards at the tip towards the G-spot area with a generously similarly shaped clitoral arm. Most users of this product commented that the vibrations were in fact spread evenly and the flat, rounded head of the clitoral stimulator was more than sufficient to provide dual stimulation. The tips of both are flexible while the base remains slightly more substantially set: perfect for repositioning to fit and work with your anatomy.


It is a common claim many make nowadays for the elusive silent rabbit and the Ultimate RR is no different. Claiming to be nigh on silent, this is a feat envied by even the most experienced toy makers on the market today. But is this vibrator’s motor both powerful and silent?

“Pretty quiet and powerful”
– says Mel on http://www.bondara.co.uk/ultimate-rechargeable-rabbit-waterproof

“Practically silent, you can use it discreetly and not be bothered by any clunky noises, so the only thing making the noise, will be you!”
– says one reviewer on http://www.dildoreview.co.uk/Dildo-detail/ultimate-rechargeable-waterproof-rabbit/

The jury is in on this one. Ranging from reviews of ‘pretty quiet’ to ‘near silent’, the noisiest thing in the bedroom, as our last reviewer mentions might be yourself!


The Ultimate RR promises four hours of playtime from only a short charge. Coming with its own UK mains adapter and charger, this high quality, low budget luxury product definitely has the edge over its battery-gobbling competitors.


Yes, this rabbit is a tried and tested water baby! You can take your vibrator into the shower, bath or anywhere else you fancy to spice up your playtime. Furthermore, the waterproof capability of this toy makes it exceptionally easy to clean.

Beginner Friendly?

With this product gaining an average of 4.9/5 stars on Bondara.co.uk, most people seem to be happy with it. The powerful vibrations, myriad of speed settings and contoured shaft make it applicable to most women’s bodies and tastes. This product is absolutely recommended for beginners and pros alike, given that it is reported to deliver the three things people usually hope for when purchasing a luxury vibe: silence, high performance and low fuss. And it’s rechargeable!

Grab yours today at Bondara.co.uk. While not entirely an original, this high quality, high performance, affordable vibrator is a pretty safe bet for newcomers or pros to the rabbit vibrator.

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Where To Buy

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To conclude, the Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit is not only a solid alternative to many higher end and, let’s face it, more costly named brands but it is a pretty solid competitor all on its own. The quiet motor is offered at a remarkable price, paired with rechargeable capabilities and waterproof to boot.

Beginners and pros alike will love this addition to their toy chest. The price is right and there are definitely great vibrations coming from this little bunny.