The Spiral One

the spiral one by ann summersThe Spiral One is “earth-shattering” spirally. It has 4 bullet vibes inside to create a spiral of vibration throughout the shaft. This sensation spirals up and down the shaft for something quite unique and lustful.

The Spiral One Details

  • Unique spiral sensations
  • Vibration spirals up and down shaft
  • 4 internal bullets
  • 5 ear functions
  • 4 shaft settings
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper Quiet

Spiral Heaven

Ann Summers boasts that the Spiral One gives “earth-shattering spiralling sensations!” – the vibrations spiral up and down the shaft for an amazing sensation. This happens as a result of the 4 “cunningly positioned” bullets in it that give this beautiful sensation. If you like unique sensations, this certainly maybe right up your street. It seems to be a new twist on their previous models (e.g. the Throbbing One, the Rippling One) which eventually were discontinued, so maybe this time they have got it right and it will be something loved forever…or it could just be gimmicky. You won’t know until you have tried, but we can say Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit range certainly has an exceptional reputation.

Fantastically Flexible

The Spiral One also is very flexible so that you can easily position it wherever you want to. Certainly with any type of vibrator, it can be difficult to find a “one size fits all” and where as many may feel a vibrator is perfect, others will complain that it doesn’t position in the right way for their body composition. One way to get around this is to make something a little more flexible and this seems to be what Ann Summers have done with The Spiral One – wanting to please as many people as possible.


With 4 “spiral” vibration settings in the shaft, we can only wonder what this puppy can do for us. You also get 4 vibration settings for the ears too. It also boasts “pinpoint clitoral frills” too.

Is this all powerful enough though? Well with no reviews as yet due to how new it is, we can only assume that it WILL live up to the Rampant Rabbit name. We will update with more information when it is available.


Whisper quiet so you can be extremely discreet in your use of this one.


This vibe is fully waterproof which is always a bonus, if not an absolute MUST, for a vibrator.

Newcomer Friendly?

It certainly doesn’t look as though a newcomer to the rabbit world will have much issue with this one, however it may be best to go with something a little less innovative as your first. The flexibility maybe an issue to someone who is unsure with a rabbit vibrator and thus we recommend this for the more experienced user, unless of course you have the confidence to use such a rabbit vibe. Ann Summers certainly have a great selection of Rampant Rabbits if you wanted to try something a little less special and awe-inspiring.

Where To Buy

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If you are looking for a new frill or sensation to your rabbit vibrator, then The Spiral One could be a great vibe to invest in. With wonderful spirally sensations and flexibility to make it work for you regardless of body type, this is certainly worth a consideration for your next rabbit purchase.