Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator

total ecstasy vibratorAs far as triple stimulation rabbits go, the Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator has certainly proven itself popular. With a rotating head, this vibrator boasts a user-friendly interface and multiple speed rotations and vibrations. Here are the statistics:

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Total Ecstasy Details:

  • Triple stimulation – shaft, anal tickler and clitoral massager
  • Jelly rubber material
  • 10.5 inches length in total
  • 5 inches insertable length
  • Two inch anal stimulator
  • 5 inches circumference
  • No phthalates or latex
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Pearl vibrating shaft
  • Multi speed rotations and vibrations

What you get

This vibrator might not be the most attractive out there but it’s certainly popular delivering in both quality for money and performance. The Triple Ecstasy has three probing arms – an anal probe, clitoral massager in the traditional ‘bunny’ ears shape and realistically designed, rounded head on the shaft. At 5 inches in circumference, this vibrator is one inch more than the standard 4 inch girth of most rabbit vibes though it owes its impressive length to the extended arms for dual stimulation. It has two sliders on the bottom of the shaft, one for the strength of your vibrations and another for the speed.

Triple Stimulation

Certainly this product is built by design for triple stimulation: the anal probe is slightly ribbed and stands at just over two inches in length. It is quite flexible so delivers gentle rather than firm anal stimulation, tickling rather than penetrating directly. The rabbit ears of the clitoral massager are about average length, though the base of the arm is thicker than most to evenly distribute the vibrations. The beaded vibrating shaft provides a stronger distribution of vibrations throughout all arms by design while the vibrating head aids G-spot tickling and tapping. This all sounds great in theory but does it work in practice?

“I got this as a surprise gift for my wife after her last one stopped working. She’s been hooked ever since. She’s always been into anal play so I wasn’t worried about that part, but a few minutes with this toy and she reaches orgasm in no time.”
– says dzx3421 on

Reviews from the same source ( said…

“This was a great product. It was a little scary at first because it looked so big but it fit in nicely. The rotation of it could have been stronger as when inserted I could not feel any movement but the vibrations were great!!”
Says ChristYlang

“This is the BEST vibrator I have ever owed. It is large so be aware, but it feels like perfection. Best orgasm I’ve ever had with a toy. Sturdy and smooth, strong vibrations, it is amazing!!”
Says A. Zowie

“This is quite an intense toy! You cannot beat the price either. This toy is not all that pliable, aside from the probe. Which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.”
Says Bee

“This thing scared the crap out of me when I took it out of the box – IT IS HUGE! I need to pay more attention to the item specifications… that was my own fault. The anal probe, however is the peerrrffeecctt size, and that was mostly why I ordered this one.”
says hairohwin

Users on LoveHoney reported similar success:

“This rabbit is fabulous. Hits all the right spots, and I mean all the right spots”
Says one user on

“The 3 sections mean everything’s catered for and I achieved orgasm in record time with mind-blowing results.”
Says Luxuria from

“O….M….G…20 seconds!! However, the material is a little rigid and does require certain spots for maximum pleasure. The rabbit vibrator part is a little long and can get uncomfortable after a few times..”


Says one user on

“I have this toy and it is not what I had expected. Wanting a triple play toy, I purchased it. When I opened the box, I was in shock.”
Says a user from

“This toy is too big and bulky.”


Says another user from

This product is generally regarded as a solid all rounder, however, there are some mixed reviews regarding the size. Again, if you’re not into bigger toys this one isn’t for you. It’s also more sturdy than some vibrators out there apart from the flexible anal probe so that’s also something to consider. Rather than get caught out when ordering, why not take a look at this video from Youtube which shows the toy to scale and in action:


The vibrator is controlled in two ways by two sliders on the base of the shaft: one to increase the speed of the rotating shaft and another to control the strength of the vibrations. In this area, the Triple Ecstasy has received mostly positive feedback with the controls being described as very user friendly. It certainly has this advantage over other triple stimulation vibrators though perhaps not the versatility. The speed of the vibrations themselves again received mixed results:

“I liked it size & would even have gone larger! Vibrations are sensational!”
Says one reviewer on

“I love it! Great stimulation, record time J”
– says Vanessab from

“The only thing I didn’t like was that the vibration was either strong or over powered. Definitely not a starter toy. And the rotation I couldn’t really feel.”
– says another user from

“So powerful. Love it. My poor rabbit has been abandoned.”
Says Sex Lady on

“The power behind this little number is wonderful, massaging all the key parts in just the right ways! The rotation sensation is new to me, and wow. I am never looking back.”
Says poppy perfection on

“Depends on how your body is built down there. Good warmup for the real action”
Says a user on

“Might be a little thick for a beginner. Anal probe is excellent. I agree with others who said the rabbit ears are a little long. And I also agree that the materials are a little cheap and hard.”
Says another user on

Overall quite powerful but, again the emphasis on the size of the toy comes into play. For those who loves this toy, they found it very powerful and very effective. Those who didn’t like this toy, disliked it in large part because it was too big and drowned the vibrations. It really depends on personal preference.


The Triple Ecstasy is made from jelly rubber and contains no phthalates or latex making it a little easier on sensitive skin. Be sure to take good care of your toy and store it in a separate bag next to other toys of its kind.

This material isn’t the softest on sensitive skin so be sure to use plenty of lubrication, particularly if you’re new to rubber sex toys.


This toy isn’t run on the dreaded AAA batteries, which have a bit of a reputation for being less powerful/hardy than their AA counterparts. This toy is big in every sense of the word and requires four AA batteries to use. Many users found the battery compartment quite tricky or prone to breaking so be sure to read instructions carefully before inserting your batteries.


Due to the nature of this toy, as with a lot of rabbits, particularly triple stimulator rabbits, this isn’t the quietest toy around. However, it did score considerably higher than competitors promising the same stimulation and variety so don’t count this one out just yet. Again, this video here gives you a brief listen as to how the vibrator runs in action:


This toy isn’t waterproof so clean your product with a damp cloth rather than submersing it.

Beginner friendly

This product did receive mostly positive feedback however divided opinion on the size. As mentioned numerous times, it will be said again this rabbit is quite the beast for those who haven’t tried rabbit vibrators before. The insertable length is about right for the average rabbit but the circumference is an entire inch bigger than the average. Furthermore, the Triple Ecstasy is quite large at 10.5 total inches in length so handling it might be a little tricky alone.

This toy isn’t recommended for first timers or those a little size shy. Size queens will love it and it provides a little more anal stimulation than other triple stimulation rabbits so this might be something to consider for more experienced users rather than newcomers.

Where To Buy

total ecstasy triple stimulator


The Triple Ecstasy received an average of four out of five stars on all three websites (love honey, Adameve and Amazon) which held the largest reviews. This product is massively popular and this result is quite surprising given that there is a very large love/hate feedback rating for a product such as this.

Yet it is precisely this reason which gives the Triple Ecstasy such a good score. When users loved the product, they really loved it and when they hated it they really hated it. There were very middle of the road scores or reviews. The main complaints and rave reviews came from the size while other users, even the positive feedback givers claimed that the product was simply lower quality than others on the market.

If you buy this product, make sure you’re aware of the size first and foremost since that seems to be the main issue. A good product though best suited for more experience users who know exactly what they want and what they’ll be getting with this product.

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