Rabbit Vibrator Heaven

The Rabbit Vibrator is a much sought after sex toy. As a result there are a LOT of different types and sizes to choose from. Whether its waterproof, small, slim, big, multi-functional, has a rotating shaft or simply just the ears; there is certainly something for everyone and it should be easy to find exactly what you are looking.

Top Picks



Value for Money

jessica rabbit vibrator
The Jessica Rabbit is a best seller at Bondara. It is cheap, easy to use and has multiple speed settings to choose from. The perfect budget rabbit vibrator that delivers.
the moregasm rabbit vibrator
The Moregasm One uses new technology to provide waves of vibrations which reach more nerve endings in your body. If you want a money back guarantee – this is it.

luxury silicone rabbit vibrator
The Bondara Silicone Rabbit Vibrator is a luxury vibrator with 8 vibrations and 3 speeds. It is rechargeable and smooth and silk to the touch. True value for money.

Rabbit Vibrator Best Prices & UK Deals

Rabbit Vibrator Heaven is just the place. It is an attempt to give you all the current models of rabbit vibrator on the market right now. We have categorised the rabbit vibrator as well to help you specifically look at the type you want.

Rabbit Vibrators by Category

cheap rabbit vibrators
mini rabbit vibrators
gspot rabbit vibrators
beginner friendly rabbit vibrators
anal rabbit vibrators
rotating rabbit vibrators
rampant rabbits
luxury rabbit vibrators
rabbit vibrsator bundles

Both Bondara and Ann Summers are great places to get cheap rabbit vibrators or more indulgent versions if your budget allows it. Ann Summers has always been known for quality and innovation but Bondara is an ever-growing site with lots to offer. They have great customer service, free delivery and a range of products to suit anyone’s needs. Bondara have a great selection of rabbit vibes ranging from as little as £8 – perfect for anyone on a budget. LoveHoney are another brand that have dominance in the sex toy market. They also have great customer service and free delivery too.

Popular Rabbit Vibrators by Category

Cheap Rabbit Vibrators

jessica rabbit vibrator
passion rabbit vibrator
aqugasmic double pleasure
passion 30 function vibrator

Jessica Rabbit

Passion Rabbit

Aquagasmic Double

Passion 30 Function

Mini Rabbit Vibrators

wonder bunny mini
fun factory amorino
mini rechargeable
the little shaking one

Wonder Bunny

Fun Factory Amorino

Mini Rechargeable

Little Shaking One

G Spot Rabbit Vibrators

gspot hunter
jessica rabbit gspot
fifty shades greedy rabbit vibrator
rotating crystal gspot rabbit vibrator

GSpot Hunter

Jessica Rabbit GSpot

  Fifty Shades Greedy

Crystal GSpot

Anal Rabbit Vibrators

total ecstasy anal rabbit vibrator
seven seas 3 way vibrator
jessica rabbit triple pleasure

Total Ecstasy Triple

Seven Seas 3 Way

Jessica Rabbit 3 Way

Classic Rabbit Vibrators

seventh heaven vibrator
jessica rabbit vibrator
rotating one by ann summers
the original rampant rabbit

Seventh Heaven

Jessica Rabbit 2.0

The Rotating One

The Rampant Rabbit

Rampant Rabbit Vibrators

the moregasm one
the mighty one
rotating one by ann summers
the thrusting rampant rabbit

The Moregasm One

The Mighty One

The Rotating One

The Thrusting One

Luxury Rabbit Vibrators

adore power swan
the moregasm rabbit vibrator
bondara's silicone rabbit
jessica rabbit luxury vibrator

The Adore Power Swan

The Moregasm One

Bondara's Silicone Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit Luxury


bargain vibrator bundle
super toy bundle
ultimate vibrator bundle
female bundle

Bargain Bundle

Super Toy Bundle

Ultimate Vibrator Bundle

Ultimate Female Bundle

Cheap Rabbit Vibrator Descriptions

Jessica Rabbit

The Jessica Rabbit is another popular cheap rabbit vibe at Bondara.  It is very similar to the Passion Rabbit (if not identical despite its colour) with multiple speeds, a 6 inch insertable length, bulbous shaft and a lot of happy customers.


Passion Rabbit Vibrator

Despite its ludicrously cheap price tag, this one has pleased many a customer and is a continually best selling sex toy for Bondara.  It is powerful with multiple speeds and also comes with 6 inches of insertable shaft which is more on the generous side compared to other similar models.  The head of this one is realistic and the shaft is bulbous to increase internal sensation and pleasure.


Aquagasmic Double Pleasure

The Aquagasmic Double Pleasure rabbit vibrator is cheap and cheerful.  It has 2 multi-speed vibrators inside – one for the abbit ears and one for the shaft; hence the name double pleasure.  The Aquagasmic is also waterproof and comes with a nice little night light in the base.


Passion 30 Function

The Passion Function 30 rabbit vibrator looks to be a rival to some of the more expensive ranges our there like the Swan or Lelo rabbit vibrator range, but with a much smaller price tag.  At under £20 it is worth considering if you want a bit more luxury without having to shell out.  It is made from luxuriously smooth silicone and has 30 functions to use.  There is plenty of different settings to use to mix things up endlessly!  The Passion 30 is also fully waterproof too.  This has everything a luxury rabbit vibrator has except the heavy price tag.



Mini Rabbit Vibrator Descriptions

Wonder Bunny Mini

The Wonder Bunny rabbit vibrator is not only of petite size but also of petite price too.  It has multi-speeds and a firm realistic shaft.  It is easy to use and perfect for beginners who want something cheap and that doesn’t look daunting.


Fun Factory Amorino Rabbit Vibrator

The Amorino is a newish mini rabbit vibrator and stands out from the crowd. It has an innovative band which stimulates and provides extra pleasure during play. It has 6 pulsation settings and 6 speeds and just looks luxurious and lush. It is also rechargeable and powerful. A great little number for anyone who wants to treat themselves.


The Mini Rechargeable One

The Mini Rechargeable One has vibrating ears and shaft like any other rabbit vibrator.  It is a perfect rabbit vibrator for beginners and a great travel companion.  It has one easy-to-use button to cycle through settings.  It is a rabbit vibrator made from soft silicone and has a 3.2 inch insertable length and overall length of 6 inches.


The Little Shaking One

The Little Shaking One is a long standing rabbit vibrator over at Ann Summers.  It is a quiet petite rabbit vibrator with 8 powerful settings to use.  It is made from flexible body safe material, suiting those who prefer flexibility over firmness.  This is another ideal start rabbit too.


Luxury Rabbit Vibrator Descriptions

The Adore Power Swan

The Adore Swan is elegant in appearance and the height of luxury.  It has a curved flexible tip for g-spot stimulation.  It also has a textured shaft for more sensation and 2 powerful motors to create intensity.  The controls are easy to use and intuitive.  The Adore Swan is simply something to pine for.


The Moregasm One

As one of our top picks, it wouldn’t be right to leave this one out of the Rechargeable section!  The Moregasm rabbit vibrator is simply amazing with its innovative vibration settings, to give you the best orgasm ever.


Bondara’s Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

This is another of our top picks and it needs to be in this category too as a top pick.  This silicone vibe is just perfect in everyway and has a great price tag.  Made from silicone, rechargeable and with plenty of speeds to choose from; what more could you ask for.


Ultimate Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Rechargeable rabbit vibrators are extremely popular (which doesn’t come as much of surprise – who loves batteries?!!?) and the range available is ever increasing and expanding.  Although the rechargeable type is usually expensive, thisrabbit vibrator at Bondara is quite reasonably priced.  Thus its pretty popular but not only due to its price and recharge-ability.  It also has 10 pleasure settings, is fully waterproof and very quiet.  It has 4.5 inches of insertable length and a generous vibrating finger to give great intense vibrations to your clit. A great alaternative rabbit vibrator to more expensive models.


Anal Rabbit Vibrator Descriptions

Total Ecstasy Triple Rabbit Vibrator

The Total Ecstasy Triple is a popular anal rabbit vibrator.  It has a rotating head and boats a user-friendly interface.  It has multiple speeds for rotations and vibrations.  The anal stimulator is 2 inches long and the shaft has a 5 inch insertable length.


Seven Seas 3 Way Rabbit Vibrator

The Seven Seas 3 way rabbit vibrator has an extra added arm for anal stimulation. Soft and flexible, this anal tickler offers one dimension that other dual stimulation rabbits don’t, designed to tantalise all three erogenous areas of a woman’s genital area. Although it doesn’t have bunny ears, it has the same set up as a traditional rabbit.  However instead you have a sea host clit stimulator to massage your clit instead.


Rotating Vibrator Descriptions

Seventh Heaven

The Seventh Heaven rabbit vibrator is based on the traditional style rampant rabbit with intense vibrating bunny ears and a rotating shaft for beautiful internal pleasure.  It has a sculpted head and smooth shaft made from latex and phthalates free jelly rubber. It also has 6 inches of insertable length, which again is a nice size compared to other models.  It also has multiple speeds and comes fully waterproof so bathtime fun can be had too. MORE INFO

Jessica Rabbit 2.0

The Jessica Rabbit 2.0 rabbit vibrator is a best seller for LoveHoney.  It is extremely popular with over 500 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.  It is based on the traditional rabbit with a rotating beaded shaft and beautiful bunny ears.  It has 3 different speeds, comes fully waterproof and has a standard insertable length of 5 inches.  This is a good size for most people. MORE INFO

The Rotating One

The Rotating One is your typical standard rabbit vibrator.  It has multi-rotational beads that give extra pleasure and excitement.  It also is fully waterproof, very quiet and a great beginner introduction to the rabbit craze.  It is also great for experienced users too and has a long thick shaft to please everyone. MORE INFO

The Rampant Rabbit

The Rampant Rabbit is the first Rampant Rabbit.  It is the traditional styler of rotating shaft and bunny ears, but in a smaller size than your others.  This is perfect for beginners rabbit vibrator and those who prefer their bunny vibes a little bit mini.


Couples Rabbit Vibrators

rampantmanRampant Man

Here is the perfect solution for men who may feel like they have been replaced by their partner’s rabbit vibrator.  They have created a rampant man vibrator that converts your boyfriend’s manhood into the best rabbit vibrator ever! The rampant man extends your man’s penis by 1 ½ inches.  At the same time giving you bunny ears to stimulate your clit.  It also vibrates at the tip for extra pleasure. It is also nice and flexible making it easy to use and put on.  The clit stimulator comes with 10 vibration settings.  This is a fantastic rabbit vibrator for couples and it isn’t surprising that it is extremely popular.  Who wouldn’t want to find a way to mash the rabbit vibrator with their man’s penis!