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This attractive, girly pink cock sleeve and silver bullet vibrator combination has been touted as the ‘alternative to the rabbit vibrator’. With many men complaining that they have been trounced in the bedroom by their girls’ favourite battery operated boyfriend, the Rampant Man is designed to turn his penis into a living, breathing (vibrating!) alternative.

Product Description

  • Pink Sleeve and Silver Bullet in traditional rabbit style shape.
  • TPR Sleeve and PVC bullet (Latex/Pthalates free)
  • Extends penis by 1 ½ inches
  • Very stretchy/flexible
  • 10 vibration modes on bullet
  • Textured sleeve to add stimulation
  • Splashproof, easy to rinse and clean
  • Front part of vibrator vibrates on contact
  • Total sleeve length 5 inches

What you get

The Rampant Man simulates the experience of using a rabbit vibrator with your partner. Designed for couples, the Rampant Man slides onto your lover’s penis and acts as a penetrative stimulus as well as providing extra clitoral stimulation with an attached small vibrating bullet vibrator. The sleeve also acts as a penis extender, gently easing the penis out by an extra 1 ½ inches. There are ten vibrating speeds to choose from in the bullet vibrator and “the product promises the best and most natural orgasms any toy can provide” (http://www.bondara.co.uk/rampant-man). This toy sounds like every couple’s dream. Can your man breathe a sigh of relief with this unique addition to your toy chest?


The Design – is it as a good as the ‘real’ thing?

This is a question often asked of rabbit vibrators, the other way around, so it is an interesting concept from this side of the argument! The skin-safe sleeve is ribbed and contoured to provide a gentle internal massage for her while the flexi TPR sleeve ensures he won’t feel the pinch too much during love making. Sounds great in theory – but does it work? Let’s see what couples who purchased this toy from Bondara thought:

“I have purchased this item to use together with my girlfriend. She is absolutely in love with it”
– says one user

“I enjoyed using this with my girlfriend and she mentioned how much difference it made to our usual sex. However, it was a little bit of a struggle to get on in the first place. I’m probably average sized but the sleeve is quite tight and I couldn’t get it on when I was fully erect. I had to wait until I was semi and then put it on. A bit of lube helped too to get it on.”
– says customer James

“Fit is somewhat tight and uncomfortable.”
– says Joey

“ We’ve never had a bad sex life but i thought it would be nice to try something a bit different. I don’t think she’ll let me go back to normal now! The sleeve fits really snugly and securely and I can feel the vibrations in the head of my penis and down the shaft and I can last so much longer with this on. The wife loved it!”
– says Martin
(all reviews taken from http://www.bondara.co.uk/reviews?id=rampant-man)

In short, no complaints from the girls though guys often reported back that the toy was a little too tight around the shaft of their penis which might be something to take into consideration when looking at a toy like this. Interestingly, most of these guys claimed to be around average in size. However, this is a common problem found with many cock sleeves/rings and the truth of the matter is that, much like women, no two guys are identically proportioned. For gentler sex and foreplay, users found this toy to be very useful though, from the male perspective, taking your own proportions into account is a must before purchasing this toy.


The vibrations in the Rampant Man come from two points: the tip of the sleeve (for g-spot stimulation) and the bunny eared vibrating clit stimulator. Following the traditional rabbit-like design, this attractive pink bunny sleeve offers the same dual stimulation promised by its stand alone rabbit vibe brothers and sisters. With ten vibrating modes packed into this toy, there certainly is a lot of variety here. Generally, users loved the vibrations and found them very powerful:

“I quite like the vibrations on the shaft myself.”
Says one user

“Good vibrations”
Says use Joey

“ I really like that instead of a vibrator or a dildo I get to be the one pleasuring my wife.”
– says another reviewer

While the sleeve itself seems to be a bit of a bug bear for men, their female partners praised the vibrations as well as some guys who enjoyed the vibrations. Definitely worth considering as an experimental toy for two people.

Battery life

The Rampant man is run on LR1130 button cells and comes with a free set included. These batteries are undeniably more compact than your regular AA or AAA variety and therefore won’t leave the product feeling as weighty as your standard vibrator or cock ring. This is a definite plus for the gentlemen! These batteries aren’t your ordinary household item either however so replacing them might be a little more difficult though they can be cheaply purchased from most hardware stores or on the Bondara website with your product.


This product is splash proof rather than submersible. This makes it easy to clean using soap and water or a specialised cleaning product of your choice after each use.

Beginner Friendly

Yes and no. Some users observed that the toy was easy to utilise though harder to get onto their penis. Some knowledge of cock rings/personal measurements might be handy when weighing up the possibility of purchasing this toy. If these kinds of toys have or haven’t worked for you in the past, it’s always helpful to know why. Don’t neglect to read your reader reviews, if you’re new to this product and be aware that most users have mentioned this toy as being for gentler rather than rougher sex. Ideal use for someone wanting to try something new though those looking for a more hardcore experience might look elsewhere.

Where To Buy



The Rampant Man certainly offers a little bit of spice to your sex life and is a good way to include your man in your one to one time with your rabbit. The product is fairly straight forward and attractive. You might wish to consider that the product is only five inches long however and larger gents may struggle with these dimensions despite the flexibility the product offers. For those demanding a little more thrust than lust, a viable alternative to this product might be an investment in a miniature clitoral vibrator or larger cock ring or sleeve. A nice, fun, cheap alternative to your rabbit though perhaps not quite comparable with the real thing. Sorry boys.

1 review for Rampant Man

  1. 4 out of 5


    I got this to use with my girlfriend and she loves it. It is not bad and I like the vibrations but it loses a star because it can be a struggle to roll onto my penis.

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